Tuesday, June 7, 2011

North Carolina Receives Formal "Notice Of Inquiry" From NCAA

Do you ever wonder how a "Notice of Inquiry" is delivered to a University. Is it in a plain manilla envolope or Fed Ex.

UNC Chancellor Holden Throp received such notice on his desk Tuesday.

Click on the link to read the "Notice of Inquiry":

The letter is a formal declaration of an investigation into the program, which originally began in June, 2010.

"The notice of inquiry is a formal notification from the NCAA that they have been reviewing our football program," said North Carolina Athletic Director Dick Baddour in a statement released by the University. "We have been working with the NCAA and cooperating with them on this investigation. We are committed to the process and will continue to cooperate."

For almost an entire year the NCAA has been investigating North Carolina's athletic program for impermissible benefits and academic misconduct.

You recall 14 football players missed games last season during the investigations, seven were permanently ineligible including Marvin Austin, Robert Quinn and Greg Little for receiving money and other benefits from agents.

This won't get as juicy as Ohio State is currently but don't ignore.

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