Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rough Start To 24 Hours of LeMans ((UPDATE: And A Rough Middle))

((HT: MT89Motorsports2/24 Hours of LeMans/Eurosport))

It's been a rough 24 Hours for Allen McNish...

First, there were the problems in qualifying, and then not even an hour into the race, McNish gets clipped, goes airborne, and disintegrates his machine into the guardrail...

Somehow, McNish walked away from this crash and was taken to a local hospital for examination...

You won't believe this...there were no on-course injuries

PM UPDATE: At the eight-hour mark, defending champ Mike Rockenfeller touched Robert Kauffman and the Rockenfeller car hit the guard rail on a straightaway and disintegrated. Replays look like Rockenfeller was trying to pass Kauffman, but he ran onto the rumble strips and the dirt off the track on the passenger side- losing control and plowing into the rail.

Rockenfeller was able to get out of the cockpit on his own before his car caught fire. He was taken to the hospital for precautions.

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