Thursday, June 2, 2011

Terrelle Pryor's mom: I bought the 350Z


Good for Thomasina Pryor for "buying" a car for her son. Her son, Terrelle Pryor has become the center of and NCAA investigation and other investigations after being found to have some "issues" connected to the cars he's driven.

It would appear, at least on the surface, that he has a serious "Car Jones", and somehow he and/or his mother have been able to afford multiple cars for him over the past 4-years.

The most recent car in question, the 350Z Pryor was seen driving, rather quickly, off the Ohio State campus on Tuesday, despite apparently, not having a drivers license, apparently was bought for him by mom.

The story is RIGHT HERE

WBNS-TV, did a little more digging RIGHT HERE

There are still more than a few unanswered questions here: One, we don't cast aspersions on a mom buying her son a car, but we wonder how she and/or he can afford to go from a relatively new Dodge Charger to a Nissan 350Z so quickly. Most people, using a finance term, would be upside down, if they did that, since there is no evidence, the Charger was paid in full.

We still think there is a ton of "Fire" in this story. Precious few college age kids/families can afford to go through cars the way Pryor has. Period. We have no reason to believe his family is inordinately wealthy and can afford a car every year or two, yet that is exactly what they've done. And if "Mom" lives in Columbus, Ohio, what was Pryor driving the Denali to Pennsylvania for?

Anyway, here's your updated TV story from our friends at WBNS, who've been doing an excellent job digging on this story.





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