Monday, June 13, 2011

Vanderbilt Head Coach Rooting For North Carolina, Has A Great Excuse

[HT: The Tennessean]

For the College World Series, Kevin Stallings, the head coach of Vanderbilt's men's basketball team, will be rooting for North Carolina.

Stallings has a great reason why, his son Jacob is the starting catcher for the Tar Heels.

By the luck of the draw Vanderbilt opens the CWS against North Carolina.
A bit of a dilemma for the elder Stallings?

“There is no dilemma,” Kevin Stallings told The Tennessean. “It’s a little awkward. But my two favorite baseball teams have made it to Omaha. It’s the best kind of dilemma … if you want to call it a dilemma."

“It’s a case of two things that I was really hoping would happen, happening.”

Jacob Stallings says it will be a fun week for the ole man but he hopes Commodore fans understand.

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