Friday, August 5, 2011

Jaguars center motivates 6-year-old to relearn how to walk


This is a story that kind of wants to make you cry. It's inspiring and is why for every bad thing you can say about football players, this renews your faith in them.

This story is about Luke Akerstrom. Luke had a bad seizure in December of last year and was unable to walk. He was laid out, suffering at Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital when he got a surprise visit from Jacksonville Jaguars center Brad Meester, his wife and Jaguars PR guy Ryan Robinson. And for some reason, they all immediately bonded.

Without going into detail, the Meester's and Robinson became frequent visitors of Luke's and all but adopted Luke's parents.

It wasn't until June that Luke moved his legs for the 1st time in 6-months. A mere 5-weeks later he did something he hadn't done since his seizure on December 31st. But he wanted more than anything in the world to do it where his pal Brad could see it.

So they went to Jaguars training camp and in front of the team, Luke, got up out of his chair and took 5-steps...straight into the waiting arms of Brad Meester.

Read the entire story, please, from RIGHT HERE

First and foremost, congratulations to Luke. And his parents. To do what he is doing takes bravery of a level few people will ever know. It's inspiring to read your story.

And second, we have an undying respect for Brad Meester and his family. And the Jaguars. For doing what they did to help a kid who needed it. That folks, is what it is all about.

Keep in mind for all the negative and bad things we report about professional athletes, there are oh, so many more who are just like Brad Meester. Guys who work hard at what they do...and get paid well for it. But there true thrill in life is to be able to do things to help other people and for that, we salute you.

Here's a well done video piece on this story done by Jon Fletcher and

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