Friday, August 5, 2011

Sean Avery arrested for checking cop, sent to Hollywood penalty box

Sean Avery
((ht: tmz))

NHL bad boy Sean Avery of the New York Rangers had a rough morning this Friday after being arrested at his home in the Hollywood, California hills.

According to, Avery was arrested after he allgedly shoved a police officer. The officer was at his home after neighbors called police because of the noise coming from the house.

When the officer knocked on the door, Avery supposed shoved him, then slammed the door. They knocked again and Avery apparently realized what he did, but was arrested and booked for "Battery on a Police Officer.

We suspect Mr. Avery is very sorry for what he did. However, it doesn't excuse it. We also suspect the Police Department is less than thrilled about the whole adventure too. We'll see what the judge thinks about it when Avery is arraigned.

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