Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shaquille O'Neal sued...again having to do with ex-wife

Shaquille O'Neal and his ex-wife

Okay, this is the second slightly scary accusation and lawsuit to surface against now former NBA star Shaquille O'Neal in just a couple of months.

According to the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, O'Neal is being sued by a former employee who sided with his ex-wife in the O'Neal's divorce.

The suit alleges Shaq tried to frame the man by having his computer hacked and leaving images of kiddie porn. And it alleges O'Neal used police officers from the Miami Beach police department to do it.

Read the whole strange tale from the Sun-Sentinel RIGHT HERE

And yes, there is a hearing on a motion to amend the original complaint filed by Shawn Darling Thursday morning.

Ordinarily, this would not be a significant story and dismissed as somewhat of a "Crackpot" complaint. light of the suit filed against O'Neal just last month, it needs to be reported.

In the July report in the LA Times, O'Neal is the target of a civil suit accusing him of ordering an attack against one Robert Ross, who claims he had an affair with O'Neal's now ex-wife and it involved an alleged "Sex Tape". The suit also mentions O'Neal recruited members of the 7 Main Street Crips gang to attack and kidnap him. O'Neal has not been charged in the incident, but is named in a follow up suit.

Read the entire story RIGHT HERE

Again, O'Neal hasn't been charged with anything, but the circumstances here have some similarities. And if there is any truth to either of them, they are quite scary.

Yes, we know famous people are often the targets of people who say crazy things looking for a buck. BUT...this is just eeerily coincidental. Two separate suits filed within a month of each other, each accusing Shaquille O'Neal of taking out revenge on someone he believed had some sort of association with his now ex-wife.

You know what we have been saying about the College Football problems of late--"Where there's smoke, there is fire", well, we are beginning to wonder if that claim may apply here.

Here's video of O'Neal's retirement announcement in June.

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