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2011 NHL Trade Deadline Winners And Losers


Washington Capitals adding Dennis Wideman and Jason Arnott

Los Angeles Kings by grabbing Dustin Penner
Evidence: NHLVideo/TSN

The sellers: Edmonton, Toronto, and Ottawa stocked the shelves with enough draft picks to deal on Draft Day in June, or just use the draft picks for what they're supposedly good for... actual draft picks...

Here's Brian Burke, tie loosely affixed, on his day...
((HT: NHLVideo/TSN))

Here's John Giannone for the NHL their ownselves standing in front of socks...
((HT: NHLVideo))


Atlanta- Because Rick Dudley's only allowed to tinker, that's what he got to do picking up Radek Dvorak and Robbie Schrempf while getting rid of Niclas Bergfors, Patrick Rissmiller, and Freddie Modin. He got to rearrange the deck chairs by adding more rental talent. The HQ thinks he's just getting warmed up and is just as equally confused as the Thrash flounder going 5-12-6 in their last 23...

Minnesota for standing pat, Montreal for standing pat, and Columbus for confusing us.

The HQ just wishes there was more to talk about, but it all happened early this year for some silly reason...

Two High Powered Agents have "Issue" at NFL Combine

Pat Dye Jr./Courtesy:

Mind you, it wasn't with each other. No, actually, Pat Dye Jr. and Jimmy Sexton have combined their agent forces to become a somewhat regional "Superteam" of agents. And....they had a bit of a "Misunderstanding" with the local constabulary and the folks running this weeks NFL Scouting combine.

According to our friends at both SportsbyBrooks and ProFootballTalk, the pair ended up getting handcuffed and detained by police for "Brandishing false credentials". They apparently they used someone from sponsor Under Armour's credentials to get to the Under Armour suite at the player's hotel.

Read the whole story from Pat Dye Jr's perspective and PFT, RIGHT HERE

While this sort of is a "Bending" of the rules, it isn't a "Major Fiasco" either. Really, its kind of stupid-silly. Agents, of any sort, should not be allowed anywhere near where these guys were trying to go while at the combine.

Sure, we realize that the event is now as much a corporate--for the Media event as anything put on Live TV these days. But with the problems agents as a group are having with their images, perhaps Mr. Dye and Mr. Sexton should probably have waited a couple of days before reuniting with their newest money manufacturers.

Enjoy the one video that truly sums this all up:

Doofus Cheerleader Nearly costs Louisville a game

The Incident Screen Grab/Courtesy:
Jordan Alcazar, a male cheerleader at the University of Louisville will be hearing about this for the foreseeable future.

The "3rd Year" cheerleader did something really stupid on Sunday. At the end of the Louisville/Pittsburgh game, he ran on the court after a Louisville dunk with 0.5 seconds left in OT, which gave the Cardinals a five point lead. The problem. Alcazar ran on the court, grabbed the ball after the dunk and threw it in the air. The BIGGER problem....the game wasn't over.

Alcazar got a technical, Pitt got to shoot two free-throws, making it a 3-point game. They couldn't hit a three at the buzzer to tie it, but imagine if they did....

The story from the Louisville Courier-Journal RIGHT HERE

And video of the "Cheeerleader Incident"

Louisville Coach Rick Pitino was less than thrilled after being asked about it after the game. He was politically correct and didn't say anything bad about it, but he looked...a bit ticked off.

Here's the post-game from the Courier-Journal, though you have to sort through a few commercials 1st, sorry:

Greg McElroy aces Wonderlic test, we still don't get the NFL Scouting combine

Cam Newton/Courtesy: Joe Robbins/Getty Images
Maybe we are the only "Sports" fans in the free civilized world that don't get the mass hysteria known as the NFL Scouting Combine. Is it ignorance on our part? No. Is it cynicism on our part? Probably.

Here's a prime example as what qualifies as "Combine Breaking News". Former Alabama Quarterback Greg McElroy got a 48 out of 50 on the NFL Wonderlic test. Oh my GOD! Sign him up! He should be a first round pick now!

Read the story from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram RIGHT HERE

Here's another example: Cam Newton threw the football at the combine in Indianapolis, he didn't "WOW" anyone. Oh my GOD! His stock is FALLING! He's not a 1st Round Pick! Oh my GOD! Yeah, right. Don't forget peeps, he still has a "Pro Day" to throw the ball.

Read more from our friends at ProFootballTalk RIGHT HERE

Really, we don't get why this is SUCH a huge deal. You've got a building full of NFL Scouts and GM's and Coaches who talk to these players, and measure them and do creepy things to them you'd never normally be able to. What is even creepier? The amount of people who sit in front of their TV's spending the day staring at the coverage on the NFL Network.

More importantly, it's almost like a "Spring Break" to writers. Every outlet imaginable, every blog that could get a credential, every TV guy that could convince their bosses to fund a trip, is there. And they report on even the smallest of minutiae and wonder what it all means. Oh my GOD! Julio Jones ran a 4.39, 40-yard dash, AJ Green only did it in 4.4 something, Jones will pass Green to be the top Wide Receiver! Oh my GOD!

Settle down people. Is there that marked a difference between running a 4.39 and 4.45? Is life going to end for someone because they only lifted 225 lbs 25 times instead on 20?

Now. While we understand that this event is a chance for scouts to see players and work them out, we still think it's over-emphasized. Remember, almost every person in Indianapolis will be working out during a "Pro-Day" at their's or another nearby school. They and the hundreds of players not attending the event will work out privately and in person for every scout, GM and coach in attendance. The only group that may not be there....all the writers.

We thought for the longest time that College Football's signing day was one of the most "Over-Hyped" thing in Sports today. And we still feel that way, but the NFL Combine, is closing in on it, fast.

Here is some video from a guy with a HandyCam shooting the Cam Newton presser on Saturday. It's really kind of scary just how many "Media" guys were actually there to document this dramatic speech.

And Pro Football Weekly speculates that Blaine Gabbert trumps Cam Newton....and we laugh:

Dude Perfect guys sell out to NCAA, Still hit crazy shots

We've...on occasion chronicled the exploits of the "Dude Perfect" guys. They've achieved some level of fame for their crazy basketball shots that they shoot video of and post to YouTube.

They've been on everything from the SportsBlogs to CBS News showing off what they can do. And really, they are a group of college kids from Texas who just came up with a kind of good gimmick.

Nowadays, they shill for the NCAA. Not because we consider them sell-outs, we don't. They are doing what's best for business. What we find funny is the NCAA's attempt at trying to become cool and hip.

Here are the "Perfect" guys hitting crazy shots, all over Houston, Texas which by...."Coincidence" the home of this years NCAA Final Four.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gordon Ends Winless Streak At Phoenix


Jeff Gordon ended his 60-plus race winless streak by winning the five-five dollar-five dollar footlong-five race in Phoenix this afternoon...

Here's the Phoenix version of the "Big One" that involved 13 cars and knocked out some big names along the way...

Clint Bowyer wasn't a happy man...

And the HQ hopes that when Brian Vickers watches the video, he knows that Kenseth wasn't all entirely at fault...

The Life Of Erica Blasberg

((HT: ESPN))

"Outside The Lines" tracks the life and tragic ending of the life of LPGA golfer Erica Blasberg from last May...

Colleen Dominguez talks to friends and family in search of, possibly, some answers...

There seem to be more questions after this...

Now, That's The Way To Send Pauley On...

Not that the HQ is talking about the mangling and blowout that UCLA gave to Arizona at Pauley Pavilion 71-49...

That's part of it...

It's this...
John Wooden's great-grandson, Tyler Trapani, getting the last bucket...
((HT: CSN/youtube))

Here's Ben Howland talking about the karma involved...

And here's how our friends at SportsCentral handled the karma...
((HT: CBS2/KCAL9))

Very cool...

Ozzie To Jenks: Don't Talk About My Son...

((HT: CSN Chicago))

The war of words between former White Sox-now Red Sox reliever Bobby Jenks and his now-former manager Ozzie Guillen has ramped back up again...

Short version: Jenks is running his mouth about how he was treated, from his point-of-view, during the last few years of his tenure in the bullpen.

Ozzie ain't hearing it... and he's thinking of giving Jenks' new boss some advice over the phone with his new employee.

It's standard Ozzie- which means it's priceless...

See...??? We told you...

UFC 127: Bisping Takes Out Rivera- More Than Once

((HT: UFC/ESPN/youtube))

Some things were resolved, others weren't...

But after a pre-fight mouth-running by the Jorge Rivera camp, Michael Bisping let the fight get to him with a heavily-illegal knee in round one before he won the bout by TKO.

Here's the fight...
The illegal part starts at the 2:48 mark...

It went into the second round, and the HQ guesses a rematch is in the offing some time soon...

OSG High: Poor Sports In Utah...???

((HT: KSL-TV))

We all know that basketball is a contact and/or collision sport...

What happened in Utah high school may question what goes with the collisions and what is or isn't cool...

What about an elbow to the chops in transition as time is ticking down in a game that's already decided...???

Here's the play...
Decide for yourself...

Video Courtesy of

What say you...??? Cool or not cool...

Who Wants To Be Number One...???

Apparently, it's a curse this year...

Last night in Blacksburg, Virginia Tech came up and bit Duke to send the Blue Devils packing after their newly-minted number one ranking...

Here's the short version...
((HT: ESPN/youtube))

Won't be Texas since they completely torched a 22-point lead in Boulder against Colorado... here's what it was like to storm the court after the tank job by Rick Barnes' team...
((HT: pauljharris))

Is BYU going to get any run there since they went to San Diego State and took care of them by 13...? Jimmer Fredette led the Cougars with 25...
((HT: CBS/youtube))

Or does it go back to Ohio State and Kansas and take all the imagination out of the process...???

The HQ thinks it's probably that...

OSG High: Girls Wrestling Active In Texas

((HT: KXAN-TV Austin))

And, no, we're not talking about the whole professional entertainment-thing...

With all the previous hubbub and hullabaloo about girls wrestling guys in Iowa's state championships, the state of Texas is going through the same thing.

And the team at LBJ High in Austin is going one better...
With two sisters...

Jim Swift catches up with the Woodruffs...

Austin family defends girls wrestling:

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Indefinite= Three Weeks In Athens For Ealey

It only took troubled running back Washaun Ealey three whole weeks to get un-indefinitely suspended in the eyes of the Bulldogs coaching staff and university personnel.

Ealey, Georgia’s leading rusher the past two seasons, can now participate in spring practice, which begins in a little less than two weeks time.

“Over the past few weeks, Washaun has done the things we expect him to do, the things we expect all our players to do,” Richt said in a statement Saturday. “He’s been doing things the Georgia way and will rejoin team activities Monday.”

Ealey was initially indefinitely suspended for not showing up for an early-morning punishment run-type deal. remember, this isn't the first time he has had to deal with the "Wrath of Richt." He was suspended from last season’s opener because of an arrest for hit-and-run of a parked vehicle and driving with a suspended license.

The HQ wonders just how he's going to react with Isaiah Crowell in the house...
A lot of folks are hoping like what's shown below...
((HT: ESPN on SEC/youtube))

OSG High: Illinois Wrestler Overcomes Tragic Injuries To Unite 2 Schools

((HT: MyFoxChicago))

Eddie Avila, an Illinois high school wrestler, sustained an injury during a meet that gave him fractures of his femur and tibia, a shattered kneecap, and a severed artery in his left leg that could not be repaired. Avila's parents were forced with the decision to amputate the leg below the knee to save their son's life.

All that happened a little over a month ago, but neither school is looking to blame the other for a legal move during a meet. And the Avilas are not looking to blame. They're looking to heal, and the first step was a visit to the rival high school that went up against Eddie's school that day.

MyFoxChicago's Craig Wall has the update on a very strong family...

An Inspiration: Belvidere North Wrestler Eddie Avila Overcomes Tragic Injury:

To help the Avila family with Eddie's medical bills, please send a check to:

Eddie Avila
c/o Belvidere North High School
9393 Beloit Rd.,
Belvidere, IL 61008

At Least I Still Have My Dignity...

((HT: Byron Nelson Classic))

Famous last words from CBS Golf Gawd David Feherty who, as part of the charity element of the tournament, had to wear a puffy suit with a bulls-eye on it at a local school...

Guess what happened...???
You'll never guess...

The actual response should have been...
((HT: Warner Brothers Pictures/youtube))

Are The Pistons In Mutiny...???

((HT: WXYZ-TV Detroit))

Chris Wilcox, Austin Daye, Rodney Stuckey and Richard Hamilton all missed the Pistons bus to the arena in Philadelphia yesterday for one reason or another. Daye and Stuckey caught their own rides, but missed the shootaround and didn’t arrive at ((what is now)) the Wells Fargo Center until the media availability was almost over.

Wilcox and Hamilton never showed up.

Tracy McGrady was excused with a headache and Tayshaun Prince had a stomach ache. Ben Wallace, who’s been dealing with a family matter, also missed the shootaround.

That left Charlie Villanueva, Greg Monroe, Will Bynum, Ben Gordon, DuJuan Summers and Jason Maxiell as attendees.

Here's an interview with for now-head coach John Kuester after the mutiny...
Sorry, "shootaround..."

Naturally, the Sixers won 110-94
FOSG Beau Estes has the highlights
((HT: NBA/

And, by the way, Kuester only played the six that showed...

11-Year-Old Sinks Half-Courter For Pizza

((HT: Kennesaw State Athletics))

And this wasn't like the Indianapolis Ice game, either...

Here's 11-year-old Cody Collins knocking down a half-courter for a year's worth of pizza...

The HQ hears Tony Ingle is keeping an eye on this kid for the foreseeable future

Broseph's Bits And The Weekend Gospel

Just the picks for this Saturday. We seem to be hitting a bit of a roll right now.

Arizona/UCLA Over 140 -- It's going to be a special day at UCLA when they host Arizona at Pauley Pavilion. It will be the last game at the building for some time while it undergoes renovations. School officials are calling for a "Blue Out," which means there will be a lot of emotion. The Bruins have won 11 of their last 13 while Arizona has won 12 of their 15 PAC 10 games. The Wildcats have scored 77.6 points per game this season. Arizona has scored at least 75 points in six of their last eight contests. The first time these two met up on January 27th, Arizona won 85-74. They are led by Derrick Williams (19.3 ppg), Lamont Jones (9.6 ppg) and Kyle Fogg (8.3 ppg). UCLA has more balance with five players scoring at least 10 points per game. They put up 71 as a team while giving up 66.3. The stats show that this team has played a lot of low scoring close games, but they were against teams who tried to play at that pace. UCLA's games with California and Washington State were both played at a higher pace because their opponents didn't mind running.

Mississippi State/Tennessee Over 135.5 -- A topsy turvy eventful season continues for Mississippi State who is in Tennessee on Saturday. MSU is coming off a stunning two point loss to LSU 84-82 at home. The Bulldogs defense has deserted them this season giving up over 70 points in three of their last five contests away from home. Offensively they've scored 71 or more in three straight contests and have no problems getting up and down the court. The team has multiple weapons led by Ravern Johnson (17 ppg), Dee Bost (16.4 ppg), Renardo Sidney (14.3 ppg) and Kodi Augustus (11.6 ppg). Tennessee has also had a long eventful season dealing with Bruce Pearl's issues and some questionable losses. Still the Vols are 17-11 and are putting up 70.8 points per game. They are led by Scotty Hopson (17.4 ppg) and Tobias Harris (14.2 ppg). Tennessee's defense has abandoned them from time to time although they haven't given up more then 70 in four straight games. With a total like this, we don't need an explosion of scoring. Mississippi State's defense will let them down again in this one.

San Jose State -6.5 -- Louisiana Tech's offense took a blow when DeAndre Brown was suspended for the rest of the season. They have failed to crack the 60 point mark in four of their last five games. The team has also lost every road game since December 14th when they played at Houston Baptist. The first time the Bulldogs took on San Jose State, they lost 79-74 on January 13th. They have lost 12 of their last 15 games. La Tech now relies on Olu Ashaolu and his 14.4 points per game for offensive production. The Spartans have two players who score more then that themselves including Adrian Oliver who scores 24.4 points per game. He has help in Justin Graham (15.2 ppg) and Keith Shamburger (11.8 ppg). San Jose State has won three straight after losing the first game of their six game homestand. They knocked off New Mexico State in overtime last time out and got a great effort from Oliver in that win. The Spartans have taken care of business at home against teams they should beat. They'll do it again on Saturday.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Evernham Sues Gillett For $19.2M

And just when you thought all of this George Gillett-foray into NASCAR-stuff would roll up into a pile and float across Turn 3 or something...


Ray Evernham is suing two Gillett companies saying he's owed the money. Evernham claims he was promised a repayment of his investment plus a 5-percent annual return after GEM ((Gillett Evernham Motorsports)) was sold and, eventually, morphed into Richard Petty Motorsports- which barely made it through the 2010 NASCAR season. Petty then bought out Gillett.

Got all that...???

And it's the Petty buyout of Gillett that Evernham is pointing at for the return of his investment...

"We have diligently worked to resolve this matter in good faith without resorting to legal action," Evernham said in a statement. "This matter has been pending for a period of time and we did not want to disrupt any excitement of the beginning of the race season with this unfortunate situation. We were unable to come to a fair resolution for the amounts due to me related to my sale of the previous RPM race team. Like many other vendors and creditors, my claims have been left unpaid. I am optimistic that the judicial system will deliver a fair resolution for my outstanding claims, and hope that the other people and companies who are owed money by them are fully compensated and made whole."

Here's the high point of Petty Motorsports, the Kasey Kahne win at Sonoma in 2009
((HT: NASCAR/TNT/BumpsNotes))

And a low point, Kahne's wreck at Pocono last year...
((HT: NASCAR/TNT/youtube))

Two Groups Interested In Hawks, Thrashers, Philips... Really...???

((HT: AJC/Vivlamore))

Not much to update off the headline except the idea that neither group is close to signing anything on the line which is dotted. No paperwork has been filed. Both groups want to keep the teams in Philips, and one idea has some "developmental" aspects added to the proposed purchase.

Presumably, that means that what is referred to as "The Gulch," the undeveloped parking lot area adjacent to the railroad tracks and the arena itself, would be developed. Into what, no one has said. And the space for variances to construct anything other than parking decks would come, instantly, into question...

Vivlamore adds that it would take at least two months for any kind of vetting process to get an ownership swapping point. But out of town groups have been mentioned in efforts to move the Thrashers to three Canadian towns- Hamilton, Winnipeg, and Quebec City.

A group has surfaced on the Internets: Keep The Thrashers at

Chris Ciovacco has surfaced as the leader of the pack, and was recently interviewed by our friends at WXIA-TV in Atlanta.

They're planning rallies of support at upcoming home games.
The HQ anticipates tens of people to turn out.

Here was the mention of just how dire the situation is for trades with the Thrashers as we get to the Trade Deadline Monday. The comments are from Pierre LeBrun, Ron McLean, and Glenn Healy on CBC-TV and the "Satellite Hotstove" from Saturday night.
((HT: CBC/youtube))

The clock tick-eth...

Cal Hoops Gets Probation For Phone Calls

The NCAA has put Cal's men's basketball program on two years probation for making more than 300 impermissible recruiting phone calls.

The sanctions add some odds and ends to the self-imposed sanctions after reporting the 365 calls. Head Coach Mike Montgomery and three assistants already have served penalties limiting contact with recruits. One unidentified assistant will also not be allowed to make phone calls for a two-month period- from March 12 to June 11.

The only other additional penalties handed out were a limit of five official paid visits for the next two academic years, a public reprimand and a requirement that Montgomery and two assistants must attend a rules seminar.

The HQ guesses that's like having someone attend an anger management class or a defensive driving course...

Or something...

Here's CalTV's wrap on the UCLA game from earlier this week...

Broseph's Bits And The Friday Gospel

Shame on those on the east coast who missed the Gonzaga/St. Mary's game last night. It was basketball at it's finest and there's no doubt in my mind that both squads are among the top 68 in the country. I know that sleep is precious, but so is a good basketball game. I'm a junkie when it comes to the bubble and the RPI and the various factors determining a team's worth. Sometimes those numbers don't tell the whole story. Gonzaga and St. Mary's pass the eye test for me. When I watch both of these teams, I see two squads who could win a game or two in the tournament. Gonzaga has tested themselves out of conference and has beaten some very good teams in Xavier and Baylor. St. Mary's may not have the wins, but they have the talent to belong. Now I know that doesn't mean squat when it comes to selecting teams, but to me it should matter.

Do we really need the 11th team out of the Big East or the 6th out of the mediocre Big 10? I'd rather put in a 3rd from the A-10 or a 3rd from the CAA. I understand that the Big East is a deep conference with 87 teams, but just because they beat one or two of their conference competitors doesn't mean that they belong. Ironically, the biggest memories to me from the tourney involve some of the smaller teams. How about Valpo's miracle or Eric Maynor's "Dagger"? What about the run by Butler last year? The mid-majors may not be sexy, but they give us the memories we need.

I also want to spend a moment to congratulate Centenary who won their first game of the season. It's got to be ridiculous to deal with the burden of a winless season. I could tell you after a winless season of dodgeball that it got hard to show up week after week to get battered by dodgeballs. Now, that's obviously different then college basketball, but the premise is the same. Ask the Cavaliers how they felt during their losing streak. Those kids are going to be on cloud nine for the next week or so. Congratulations to them!

Friday night slates are usually a dead time for me considering it's just the Ivy League and MAAC playing. The Horizon League has one game with two teams wrapping up their regular season. Hard to believe this year is almost over. Seems like we just got started with everyone 0-0. Anyways, here's Friday's winner.

Wright State/Detroit Over 138.5 -- The final regular season games for both Wright State and Detroit tip off on Friday night. Wright State has scored over 70 points in four of their last five home games with the other being a 69 point output. They've managed to find their groove despite averaging only 64.6 points per game this season. The Raiders are led by Vaughn Duggins (17.7 ppg), N'Gai Evans (14.3 ppg) and Troy Tabler (11.6 ppg). Detroit meanwhile loves to play up and down games. They score 73.8 points per game while giving up 72.4. The Titans have five players who can fill it up scoring at least 10 points per game with Jason Calliste (8.5 ppg) on the outside looking in. They have allowed at least 80 points on the road in four of their last seven contests. They've also put up 70 points in those same road games as well. This one has shootout written all over it.

Coastal Carolina In Trouble...???

Coastal Carolina reported violations regarding its men's basketball team to the NCAA.

A statement from the university said the allegations were brought to the school's attention before the season began and President David DeCenzo ordered them turned over to the NCAA.

The New York Times reported the focus of the NCAA's investigation is possible illegal benefits that former player Marcus Macellari said were given to other players. Macellari spoke to NCAA officials and let them know he thinks he was booted off the team because head coach Cliff Ellis over-recruited...

Coastal Carolina's leading scorer, Desmond Holloway, was indefinitely suspended this month while the NCAA looked into his eligibility. The Chanticleers (25-4) close their Big South Conference regular season at Charleston Southern on Saturday.

The Pete Thamel piece in the Times outlines how the 'Cleers now only have seven scholarship players on their active roster and eight players dressed out for recent games. Two other players are ineligible, their star player was kicked off the team after a fight, and their starting guard is injured.

From Thamel:
“I told her (the NCAA interviewer)) that my scholarship wouldn’t have been revoked if these players hadn’t been bribed to come here and offered unfair things,” he said. “These players were bribed to come here to take my spot.”

Macellari said he told the N.C.A.A. that Holloway got a “care package full of stuff” that included clothing. If true, that would be a serious N.C.A.A. violation.

Here's WBTW-TV's coverage of the Holloway suspension...

The university response today was:
“Coastal Carolina University is and has been fully cooperating with the NCAA in its current inquiry. Allegations were brought to the University’s attention in late summer of 2010. At that time, President David DeCenzo immediately directed Chief Operating Officer Edgar Dyer and University Counsel Tim Meacham to self report the allegations to the NCAA on behalf of the University.

NCAA’s rules of ethical conduct prohibit anyone at Coastal Carolina University from providing further comment until the inquiry is completed."

More when we know more...
Cliff Ellis strikes again... alledgedly...

Developing Story: Coach quits after confrontation with player


Two days after video surfaced of Holy Family University basketball coach John O'Connor knocking down and then moving his foot (kicking) one his players, O'Connor has resigned.

The District Attorney's office in Philadelphia had already determined there wasn't cause for charges to be pursued.

O'Connor held a meeting with his team Thursday night and told them his plans.

This comes after video of the incident went national early this week. In the video, you can clearly see O'Connor lower his shoulder into sophomore forward Matt Kravcuk's chest, knocking him to the ground. O'Connor then steps over him and either pushes Kravcuk with his foot or kicks him while screaming.

Having played basketball for many, many years, the lowering of the shoulder like O'Connor did, does happen during games and even practice, but not from the coach. The yelling and screaming, it happens in sports...all the time. If O'Connor kicked Kravcuk, then yeah, he should have been fired...on the spot.

The coach and player both appeared on ABC's Good Morning America Thursday morning, which if you watch the interview, probably wasn't a very good idea. Here is the Fox29 Story:

Thursday, February 24, 2011

DEVELOPING: Pac Man Gets Probation In Vegas Incident

You're kidding, right...???


Not kidding... more like a joke...

Adam "Pacman" Jones has been sentenced to probation and 200 hours of community service under a plea deal for what happened in the Las Vegas scrip club back in 2007.

Clark County ((NV)) courts spokeswoman Mary Ann Price said Jones received a suspended sentence and was also ordered to receive anger management counseling. The sentence requires Jones to undergo random drug testing.

Jones told the Las Vegas Sun after the sentencing that he's glad to finally have the case behind him. Dave Toplikar's report is hyah...

The HQ thinks he damn well better... he's astronomically lucky...

Prosecutors maintained the shooting left a club employee paralyzed and two others wounded. Jones pleaded Nolo Contendere in 2007 to a gross misdemeanor of conspiracy to commit disorderly conduct. His deal reduced two felony coercion charges. Jones has denied having a role in the shooting.

What is a gross misdemeanor, anyway...???

And, of course, Pac Man denies any role...
Here's what went down just before the fight...
((HT: ESPN))

Jack Cristil Steps Down In Starkville After 58 Years

The SEC was blessed with MSU play-by-play broadcaster Jack Cristil for 58 seasons

A veteran of more than 2,000 broadcasts, Cristil was completing his 54th season of handling men’s basketball play-by-play duties after finishing his 57th season of Bulldogs football.

Last night, he signed off- abruptly and immediately.

As we continue to lose guys like Ward, Munson, and Cristil, the fabric of our youth continues to disappear. The business is far different now than it was then. Due to illness, and on the advice of his physicians, Saturday’s men’s basketball game at Tennessee will be his final one.

Here's his call of the MSU-Florida game this season past...
((HT: ESPN/MSU/youtube))

From Cristil:
“The Mississippi State University family is second to none. And as family I know you understand. Thank you very much, and may God’s blessings be upon you.”

He will be missed...

Cuban Mad At NBA For Hornets Trade

And, I think, the HQ is in agreement with him this time...

The New Orleans Hornets have been owned by the league since early December. Which, technically, means that the owners are responsible for 1/29th of the operating costs.
When the team is allowed to make a trade that adds a pro-rated salary figure to the operating costs, that gets guys like Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban all fired up.

Here's JW Stewart with details inside the localized SportsCenter
((HT: ESPN))

"I don't have a problem if they go dollar-for-dollar, great, more power to them," Cuban said. "You could see if it was like a marquee guy and he's going to bring in lots of dollars. No disrespect to Carl Landry, but I don't see that's the way it works. It's just wrong. I'm one of the owners. The league is supposed to just give them a budget and it never dawned on me that the budget would say you can spend more money to bring in players."

Cuban looks at every business he has with a businessman's acumen. While the Mavs certainly are one of the bigger play-toys he has, it's still a business. When an investment is supposed to be break-even or profitable, it's one thing. When you're propping up someone else's business, it's something else entirely.

Especially, if there's no immediate return...

BREAKING: Wainwright Needs Tommy John

The surgery, not the pitcher himself...

And he's out for the season...

"We have confirmed that Adam Wainwright will require Tommy John surgery. So obviously, he'll be out for the year," Cards GM John Mozeliak told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "Not a real surprise to us, but certainly a disappointment and a finality to this process. As we look to the future now we certainly believe that we have a strong starting rotation on this club. And now we're going to have to try and fill it in terms of a fifth spot."

Mozeliak said the typical recovery time is 12 to 15 months.

The Glynn Academy Red Terror graduate began feeling soreness in the elbow back at the beginning of the week. Trainers examined him Tuesday and Wainwright flew back to St. Louis to meet with team doctors on Wednesday.

Here's reaction from Cards manager Tony LaRussa when Wainwright was sent back to St. Louis for the initial examination...

The starting staff now has a gaping hole in it. The question now is: Do the Cards chase after Kevin Millwood as insurance or stick with the young kids in camp...???

OSG Buzzer Beater: The Bank Is Open For Gasser And The Badgers

No matter what the level of basketball, coaches preach "use the glass." Well Wisconsin's Josh Gasser took that to heart from 30 feet out and won the game for the Badgers over Michigan 53-52.

Here's a version of the buzzer beater I doubt you have seen. (Thanks

And here's the Big Ten Network version.

"I didn't have time to set my feet or take a jump shot. I just heaved it up there so that we'd at least have a chance," Gasser said after the game. "As soon as I let it go, I knew it was going to be off the board, but I thought it had a chance to bank in.

"I wasn't planning that, but I knew it was too hard but on line."

ECU beats UTEP and Tim Floyd's Head Explodes

Tim Floyd/Courtesy:
Really. It did. In the metaphorical sense anyway.

Last night, East Carolina and UTEP squared off in a Conference USA game in Greenville, North Carolina.
ECU got the win, but they weren't the story.

The story was the world class rant that UTEP coach Tim Floyd went on just after the start of the second half. Both Floyd and assistant Phil Johnson got a pair of technicals less than two minutes into the half and were ejected.

However, Floyd didn't go quietly. Or willingly. A police officer had to escort him to the locker room. It didn't help his team either. UTEP is fighting for a potential NCAA tournament bid and has won 20 games thus far, but they lost to a 14-13 ECU team, 83-76.

Floyd didn't apologize for the rant and in fact admitted he, probably deserved the second technical.

But, through the magic of the internets, as a service to our readers, we found the video of Floyd's "Go Crazy" moment and are bringing it to you...

Here's the short version from our friends at WNCT-TV in Greenvile...

In First Meeting Since Tree Poisoning, Alabama Gets By Auburn With Last Second Tip In

For the first time since an uber Alabama fan, Harvey Updyke, revealed on Paul Finebaum's radio show that he poisoned the oak trees on Toomers Corner, Auburn and Alabama competed against each other in Tuscaloosa.

While the men's basketball game was important the recent tree poisoning was still top of mind. Bryant Somerville of ABC 33/40 in Birmingham, Alabama provided this report on the mood of the fans in the aftermath.

As far as the game it was a dandy. Alabama's JaMychal Green's tip in with 0.3 seconds left to win it for the Crimson Tide 51-49.

Here's the only video we could find of the game. The buzzer beater is at the 7:45 mark. (Thanks michaelcasagrande/

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

NBA Silly Season Continues With Williams And Bibby

First, the Utah Jazz surprised the civilized world by sending resident-alleged trouble-maker Deron Williams to New Jersey for point guard Devin Harris, power forward Derrick Favors, and two first-round picks (from the Nets in 2011 and the Golden State Warriors in 2012).

The word associated with it, normally, was "shock..."
Here's head coach Tyrone Corbin
((HT: KSL-TV))

Video Courtesy of

The Jazz also get $3-million in cash to help with the whole salary cap evening-out.

Then, this evening the Atlanta Hawks send 2011 underachiever Mike Bibby to the Eastern Conference version of Siberia- Washington- for Kirk Hinrich and centerman Hilton Armstrong.

The Hawks sent Bibby, rookie Jordan Crawford, swingman Mo Evans and their 2011 first-round draft pick to the Wizards.

Bibby, Crawford and Evans were informed of the trade prior to the team’s game against Phoenix tonight. Jeff Teague replaced Bibby in the starting lineup- his first start of the year.

The Hawks proceeded to get blown out early on in Phoenix against the Suns. They were down 11 in the third quarter...

Bibby was interviewed recently on GPB's SportsCentral program about what advice he would give high schoolers about the game...

Here's how the story broke the last time Bibby got dealt...
((HT: Associated Press))

Jackson State Facing Sanctions- Look For A Waiver

The Jackson State University football program is facing possible sanctions from the NCAA, including a ban from postseason play this season, according to the Jackson Clarion-Ledger.

The program's Academic Progress Rate ((APR)), the four-year figure that calculates academic performance, is below a critical benchmark for the third straight year.

In addition to the possible postseason play exclusion, the report said the JSU's NCAA membership may be restricted next year if the NCAA doesn't grant a waiver request from the school pleading for relief.

The report added that Jackson State filed a waiver request back in December seeking relief from the postseason ban and asking for a "slowed progression" toward future restrictions.

The NCAA granted nine waivers to other schools facing similar sanctions last year.

Jackson State, coached by Rick Comegy, finished 8-3 last season.

Ross Dellinger's excellent work is here in full...

And here's a mix of Comegy's big moment from the 2010 season... his rant after the Alabama State game in November...
((HT; youtube))

Conventional Wisdom from the HQ thinks JSU is another school in deep doo-doo...

DEVELOPING: Allegations Hit Knoxville...

There's only one allegation against the University itself...

The "failure to monitor" was found for basketball...
Nothing really new was found against the basketball program...
Bruce Pearl got the unethical charge we anticipated and also added a "bumping" secondary violation with contact with a junior.

A lot of stuff in the report was blacked out...

Here's coverage from our friends at WBIR-TV
Steve Phillips is front and center...

Young Kiffin had a prepared statement released...
"We have received the notice of allegations. On the advice of my legal counsel, we cannot comment other than to say we look forward to working through the process with the NCAA," Kiffin said.

Bob Ley, Pat Forde, and Andy Katz discuss on ESPN's "Outside The Lines..."

BREAKING: Upshall Suspended For Two

Phoenix Coyotes left wing Scottie Upshall has been suspended for two games and will forfeit C$24,193.54 for an illegal hit delivered to Philadelphia Flyers defenceman Oskars Bartulis last night.

Here would be the hit in question...
((HT: FSCoyotes/NHL/youtube))

And, now there would be no question...
Yeah, that was pretty cheap...

Rabbit Run: Updyke Now Has Another Lawyer

And this makes four...
The HQ, however, thinks this one will stick...

Glennon Threatt Jr. said he has spoken with Harvey Updyke Jr. by phone and filed a notice of appearance in Lee County ((AL)) Circuit Court.

Circuit Clerk Corinne Hurst says her office has received the faxed notice from Threatt, but it won't be official until received in person, electronically or through mail.

That's how the system works these days, the HQ surmises...

Threatt's office says the notice was sent through first-class mail ((insert postal service joke here)). Threatt, who represented ex-Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford in his court case last year, says he's taken this case pro bono.

Insert Dadeville, Alabama joke here...

Updyke is free on bond on a first-degree criminal mischief charge. Threatt says a preliminary hearing will be held March 2.

Our update from ABC33/40 in Birmingham is hyah...

OSG High: Iowa HS Wrestler Who Forfeited to Girl Speaks Nationally

Joel Northrup, who forfeited his Iowa state wrestling opening rounder to a girl because he didn't think it was right to wrestle her, spoke on CNN's "American Morning" about the incident and the family point-of-view with TJ Holmes.

Joel's father, Jamie, was on hand as well...
Here's your update...

University of Tennessee: Notice of Allegations expected soon

Bruce Pearl/Courtesy:
It looks like the University of Tennessee will be "Officially" notified sometime this week that the NCAA enforcement staff will be spelling out their investigation to the school. They'll have 90 days to respond.

The Vols have had a run of trouble over the past couple of years, from the brief tenure of Lane Kiffin to the recent troubles of basketball coach Bruce Pearl. The one new allegation we weren't aware of; the baseball program is being investigated too.

More from the conveniently named "GoVolsExtra" RIGHT HERE

The school is definitely going to get in trouble. However the severity of the punishment, probably won't be known until sometime this summer. On their side, the school has been somewhat proactive with basketball coach Bruce Pearl, terminating his contract and making him work under a Letter of Appointment.

However, they have no control over the actions of Kiffin or the baseball team. It does however, seem like the basketball program is facing the brunt of the charges and probably should. The violations, as they are outlined, will get the team...and the school in trouble, we just don't know how much.....yet.

CalTech ends 310 game Conference losing streak

CalTech celebrates/courtesy:
That's right, the last SCIAC win for CalTech's basketball team was 26 years ago, in January of 1985. They can no longer say that.

The small, private school located in Pasadena, California broke the string Tuesday night, when they beat Occidental 46-45. It went to the last seconds though, Ryan Elmquist hit a free throw with 3 seconds left, which proved to be the winning margin.

Read more from the school's website RIGHT HERE

Yes, they have won a few games. This years team has actually won 5 games, just none in the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. Kudos to the squad, who has now made it to the Sports Blogosphere and even SportsCenter for its achievement.

On that note, we give you the final 3 seconds and the celebration that resembled winning the NCAA Final Four:

OSG Buzzer Beater: Dickey's Steal & Trey Gives UNC Asheville Win Over Coastal Carolina

UNC-Asheville and Coastal Carolina played a close one Tuesday night in Conway, South Carolina. With the game tied at 58 with 2.8 seconds left in regulation Coastal Carolina had one more shot to win the game, so they thought.

Here's the highlights of a fantastic ending. (Thanks WBTW-TV)

Broseph's Bits And The Wednesday Gospel

The Carmelo Anthony trade is finally done. We're finally out from under this story that held us all hostage. I'm a Syracuse alum so I'm glad to see Carmelo succeeding, but this whole farce is just another reason why the NBA just doesn't do it for me. The NBA's superstars have taken control of this league and are essentially saying that they want four or five dream teams. When the Knicks pick up another superstar next season, they'll be up there with the Heat, Lakers, Bulls et al. What happens to the rest of the beloved Sixers or the Cavaliers or the Nuggets? Should they form some sort of NBA D-League for themselves? I just can't get into a league that has the same eight or ten teams vying for the title.

Compare that parity to that of the NFL or the college ranks. Green Bay wasn't one of the teams mentioned before the season began yet they hoisted the trophy come season's end. Look at Auburn...Vegas had them for only eight or nine wins depending on where you look yet they picked up the trophy. This year's college basketball tournament features a couple of teams who may win and a whole host of teams who could make things interesting. There's a lot of Butler's potentially this year in the tourney.

There's been talk that college basketball is down this year, but I just don't agree. To me, the more upsets the better. The fact that there are less dominant teams, the better in my book. I really want to hear from those people who were against the addition of three teams after this year's tourney. I have a feeling they may change their tune. I, for one, am excited for the extra games and can't wait until the Cinderella's put on their glass slippers and screw up some brackets.

Anyways, let's move on to the winners for Wednesday night.

Western Michigan -15 -- Toledo's road losing streak will be put to the test on Wednesday when they play at Western Michigan. It's a shame how poorly the Rockets are playing this season. They are a team undermanned and out-talented by all of their opponents. The team has lost all but two of their road games by at least 10 points this season. In their first meeting at home with WMU, Toledo won 73-60. Revenge will be a big factor in this one as Western Michigan isn't that bad of a team. Toledo is scoring 57.9 points per game while giving up just over 70. The Rockets have two double digit scorers in Malcolm Griffin (12.9 ppg) and Reese Holliday (10.5 ppg). Western Michigan is 15-11, 7-5 in the MAC which is good for 1st place in the Western division. They are led by Demetrius Ward (14.5 ppg) and Flenard Whitfield (13.3 ppg). The Broncos have won five of their last seven games and are coming off a tough two point loss against Kent State on the 21st. They'll get revenge against Toledo on Wednesday.

Boston College -3.5 -- The Miami Hurricanes must be getting close to setting a record for close losses in a season. Ten of their last 12 contests have been decided by single digits. Five of those were victories for the Hurricanes. This is a team that has struggled at the end of contests which could prevent them from making the NCAA Tournament. They average over 72 points per game while giving up 68. Malcolm Grant (15 ppg), Durand Scott (13.6 ppg) and Reggie Johnson (12 ppg) lead the way for the Canes. Boston College is 16-10 and firmly on the NCAA tournament bubble. The Eagles score 72.2 points per contest while giving up just over 70. They get balanced scoring from four players who average over 10 points per contest. BC has won five of their six home games in the ACC this season and will be trying to avenge a one point loss in Miami on January 15th. The Eagles have the leadership and homecourt on their side in this one.

Drake -3 -- The Bulldogs may be struggling in the Missouri Valley, but they are a different team at home. Drake gets a chance to continue their home success on Wednesday when they host Evansville. The Purple Aces won 67-51 at home on January 12th. Drake has won four of their last five home games knocking off Northern Iowa and Creighton there this month alone. Their lone loss over that span was by three points to Missouri State who is one of the better teams in the conference. Rayvonte Rice (13.9 ppg), Ryan Wedel (10.6 ppg) and Seth VanDeest (9.2 ppg) lead the way for Drake who scores only 64.2 points per game. Evansville's offense is just slightly more potent averaging 66.1 points per contest. They have one double digit scorer in Colt Ryan (14.9 ppg). The Purple Aces have lost seven of their last nine road games this season with many of them coming by double digits. The team has lost three straight and four of their last five overall so their not exactly entering this game in good form. I'll take the good home team in this one despite the worse record.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Does The Hammer Fall On Vols...???

((HT: ESPN/Katz))

We all know that head hoops coach Bruce Pearl has been in deep doo-doo since he apparently misled NCAA investigators during their quest for knowledge and information last year.

He's been working with out a contract and was given a substantial and involuntary pay decrease in Knoxville. Now, he's only part of the story where the folks in Indianapolis are notifying the school of allegations in the basketball, football, and baseball programs very soon.

Basketball... the HQ understands...
Football... the HQ understands...
But baseball...??? Really...???

It looks like Pearl may be given an "unethical conduct" charge by the NCAA- and that's a big no-no. And since more than one program is under investigation, you could hear that phrase that pays: "lack of institutional control."

The hearing is set for mid-June...

More when we know more...

Will Dave Duerson's Death Be In Vain...?

The HQ hopes sure as hell not...

Here's a story WLS-TV had involving the passing...
Karen Jordan was at Halas Hall...

The old turf at Soldier Field was like playing in a parking lot- that oughta be investigated immediately if not sooner as the first place for any Bear injuries.

If there aren't any provisions in the new labor deal where past players aren't taken care of, they should sue the league for all they're worth...

In the new deal dollars...

Here's Coach Ditka remembering Duerson...
((HT: NBC Chicago))

View more videos at:

And where are the Mike Adamle stories on Duerson...???
Just axin'

One Day, Two Lawyers... Updyke Now A Hot Potato

A third attorney has asked to withdraw from representing Harvey Almorn Updyke, Junior. Earlier in the day, that number was only as high as two lawyers.

Montgomery's Jerry Blevins filed a motion to Lee County Circuit Court citing an "irreconcilable conflict" between himself and defendant Harvey Updyke Jr.

Blevins replaced Jerry Hauser, who filed a motion to withdraw from the case because of a potential conflict of interest- EARLIER IN THE DAY!!! His wife, Margaret Fitch- Hauser, is head of Auburn's department of communication and journalism.

Which the HQ can see...

The court appointed Hauser Friday after Philip Tyler was allowed to withdraw. Tyler, who also had been court-appointed also cited conflicts - including his former job as an assistant professor at the university.

Here's a profile piece WAAY-TV in Huntsville ran on Updyke... who is really up a creek without a paddle...
((HT: Youtube))

Pegula Takes Over Sabres Officially


New Buffalo Sabres owner Terry Pegula says Lindy Ruff will stay on as coach and promises general manager Darcy Regier a blank check for a winning team.

Pegula would also like to retain Ruff as head coach since he turned down an initial idea of a contract extension.

Pegula's now says the Sabres' "reason for being, from now on, will be to win a Stanley Cup."

Pegula introduced Ken Sawyer as the team's senior adviser and Ted Black as president. Sawyer's a former CFO for the NHL and also a former president and chief executive of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Pegula says he'll also hire more scouts and player development coaches.

Here's Part 1 of the Pegula presser...

DEVELOPING: No Postseason Ban For UConn--Updated 3:10pm

Jim Calhoun/Courtesy:
**Updated at the bottom of this story**

Looks like UConn's men's basketball team won't be banned from the postseason by the NCAA. Instead, the NCAA cited coach Jim Calhoun...

That never sounds good...

The NCAA has scheduled an afternoon conference call to discuss the findings of an investigation that began almost two seasons ago. The fireworks started from a Yahoo!Sports report saying a former team manager helped get highly-sought after recruit Nate Miles to Connecticut. Miles enrolled but never played there.

The school self-imposed sanctions, including reducing scholarships from 13 to 12 for the 2010-11 and 2011-12 academic years while also putting itself on probation for two years...

Sounded good to the folks in Indianapolis...

More when we know more...

We know more.

*We know that Coach Calhoun will be sitting out the 1st 3 games of next year.
*The team will be on probation for the next 3 seasons
*The booster involved in the recruitment of Miles will be disassociated with.
*Various other restrictions which will slow the ability for UConn to recruit.

For a full explanation, read the NCAA's Press Release RIGHT HERE

This, is kinda lame. There are some appropriate penalties here in our opinion, but Calhoun is essentially getting off with a slap on the wrist. We suspect it would've been more severe for a smaller school.

It appears, on the surface that there was a blatant flaunting or ignoring of the rules, something the NCAA should be sticklers on. They aren't.

So, we are quite sure that UConn will behave for awhile, but we wonder who will be next?

Broseph's Bits And The Tuesday Gospel

I'll admit it...I spoke to the sports gods last night. I begged for a victory for my alma mater over the hated Villanova Wildcats. The prayer was short and heartfelt. Rarely do I resort to this and rarely before did it ever work. Multiple times I've prayed for the Eagles to not roll over like dogs in the NFC title game and that has never helped.

This raises many questions about the sports gods. Is there one for every sport or one in general? Does he/she/it have some sort of system as to whom they take care of? It's pretty funny how many of us have called out and made requests of the sports god. The way this NCAA Tournament bubble is right now, there will be a lot of fanbases resorting to prayer to get their team in. Heck, the state of Virginia is almost bubble central with Richmond, VCU and Virginia Tech among the many schools that will be resorting to a lot hoping their teams get in.

It's years like this that make me happy we didn't go to a 96 team tournament. There are barely enough for 68 and people wanted to add another 28 as well?! No freakin way. Don't ruin a good thing. Selection Sunday would no longer be suspenseful. There would be no need for bracketology because it's not as hard to guess which 96 teams would make it in. I think parity is a good thing. I want fresh blood in sports. I don't like the dynasties and would rather see fresh champions and new names. Butler winning it all last year would have been sublime. Then again, Duke losing to anyone in the title game would have been pretty awesome.

We used the few days off to hone our skills and come up with this winner for Tuesday.

Virginia Tech/Wake Forest Over 144.5 -- The Demon Deacons have shown that defense is important in order to win. They haven't played a lot of it and haven't won much in the process. In all 12 of their ACC conference games, Wake Forest has given up at least 70 points. In their first meeting with Virginia Tech, Wake gave up 94 points and lost 94-65. Wake has gone over 10 of their 14 games in this total point range this season. Wake Forest can score as well. They've put up 73 on Miami and 70 on Maryland along with a 76 point effort at home against Virginia. Travis McKie (12.6 ppg) leads a group of four guys who put up at least 10 points per game with Ari Stewart (9.8 ppg) on the outside looking in. The Hokies meanwhile are scoring 72 points per game. They aren't deep and rely on Malcolm Delaney (19.2 ppg), Jeff Allen (13.7 ppg) and Erick Green (11.1 ppg) to do most of their scoring. Before their 54 point effort against Virginia, VT put up 102 and 91 in their last two games. They've shown that they can score with the best of them if need be. Six of the last nine games between these two teams have gone over the total.

Cyclones forward does video to raise awareness...

Your Cincinnati Cyclones/Courtesy:
And yeah, it's kind of goofy, but it's for a great cause.

Cincinnati Cyclones forward Scott Lehman and his teammates came up with this video to help raise awareness for their charity, Hockey Players for Kids (HP4K).

We can't fault them for doing this because the cause is good. The HP4K program is a volunteer group of hockey players from communities all around the country doing things to help impact the lives of kids.

The guy who came up with the charity, Cyclones forward Dustin Sproat.

We've gotten to see the Cyclones up close and personal since the Satellite HQ is located in Cincinnati. The team is a solid ECHL franchise who actually won the Kelly Cup in 2009-10. They get a decent amount of support in the city, since in the winter, there are no other Professional sports to compete with. The games are fun, they do a nice job with the promotional work and with coming up with a program like this, we think is a great way to give back to the community.

You can check them out by clicking on the link RIGHT HERE

Give the video a click and give a shout out to the charity, it's a great idea.

Justine Siegal Pitches At Indians Practice


Justine Siegal became the first woman to pitch batting practice in a major league spring training camp when she threw to the Cleveland Indians.

She's set for Oakland A's practice tomorrow as part of her .

Siegal has already broken gender barriers in baseball, having coached at the professional and college levels with the Broxton Rox and Springfield College- both based in Massachusetts.

She wore a patch honoring Christina Taylor Green, the nine-year-old granddaughter of former major league manager Dallas Green, who was killed in last month's shootings in Tucson. Christina Taylor Green was the only girl on her local Little League baseball team.

"I haven't spoken to anyone in the family," Siegal said. "I asked the league organizers if it would be OK if I wore her patch, and they said please do."

Siegal, a Cleveland native who grew up rooting for the Indians, fulfilled a lifelong dream.

Here's the raw tape of some of her appearance...

Monday, February 21, 2011

MeloDrama Over...??? Knicks Land Anthony

League sources are telling ESPN's Chris Broussard that none of the teams involved- the Knicks, Minnesota, and Denver- can say anything until tomorrow.

Here's the break-down according to Broussard...

Denver gets Wilson Chandler, Raymond Felton, Danilo Gallinari, Timofey Mozgov, the Knicks' 2014 first-round draft pick, the Warriors' 2012 second-round pick, the Warriors' 2013 second-round pick and $3 million in cash while Chauncey Billups, Shelden Williams, Anthony Carter and Renaldo Balkman will head to New York, according to the Denver Post.

New York will send Anthony Randolph and Eddy Curry to Minnesota as part of the deal.

"I'm glad its over," Nuggets coach George Karl said, according to the Denver Post. "I'm glad it's an opportunity to reinvent. I think everybody handled it as classy as you could handle it. There's some sadness to it, there always will be."

The Hochman and Dempsey piece from the Post is hyah...

Here's CBSDenver catching up with George Karl

And coverage from the home side and MyFoxNY

Carmelo Anthony Traded to Knicks:

Kobe Bryant meets Robert Rodriguez courtesy of Nike

Yeah, we know. It's a commercial pitch. It's "Selling Out to the Man". Sure, we get it.

But we are also big fans of Robert Rodriguez. He's a one of a kind movie director who has a pretty unique view on just about everything.

With that in mind, he was commissioned to make a "Mini-Film" with Kobe Bryant to use as a pitch for Bryant's new Nike shoes. And yeah, it's pretty cool. If you've got Danny Trejo, Bruce Willis and Kanye West co-starring in a Robert Rodriguez production, it has to be cool.

Check out "The Black Mamba":