Friday, December 10, 2010

Bo Pelini talks to Miami, Nebraska folks not happy about it....

Bo Pelini/Courtesy: Lincoln Star-Journal
The accepted rule in college football, a place where not many rules apply, is that if you want to talk to another schools coach for your job opening...and that coach is still under contract, you need to ask for permission.

According to a couple of reports, Bo Pelini and Miami broke that rule. No, there aren't any "Sanctions" that go with it, but it is really bad mojo/PR.

Apparently, University of Miami's athletic director Kirby Horcutt has discussed his coaching vacancy with Nebraska coach Bo Pelini. The problem...according to Pelini's boss, nobody asked him for permission.

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For their part, the Nebraska folks have stayed quiet about all of this, though according to the Lincoln Star-Journal, Pelini's contract requires him to notify his boss if he discusses another job with anyone before his contract expires in 2014.

Realistically, we don't think that Pelini is a serious candidate for the job. While he's done a very good job at Nebraska, why would he give it up to come to Coral Gables? We do believe he spoke to Horcutt and the silence from Nebraska indicates they are aware of it and not very happy about it.

We've gone on record, multiple times saying that Tommy Tuberville will be the favorite for this job. We still believe that. We also will go out on a limb and throw out another name, Mario Cristobal. It would, in the mind of UM alumni, be a settling move, but realistically, face the facts Hurricane fans, your coaching job isn't the "Plum" that is was back in your "Glory Days" of the '80's and early 90's.

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