Friday, December 10, 2010

Gus Malzahn offered $3 million to coach Vandy....SEC stunned...

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$3 Million to coach at Vanderbilt? Surely, that was somebody making a joke.....right? According to a report in the Tennessean, Vanderbilt...yes, perennial SEC doormat Vanderbilt has offered Auburn Offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn $3 million a year to be their new head coach.

Read Jeff Lockridge's story from the Tennessean RIGHT HERE

Okay. Now that we picked our chins up off the floor, let's analyze this a bit. Sure, Malzahn is the "Hot" assistant coach these days. We get that. And we certainly understand why Vandy would be interested in hiring him. But $3 million a year?

No, that wouldn't make Malzahn the highest paid coach in the SEC, but it would put him in the Top 4. And it would dwarf what his current boss, Gene Chizik is making. The  1st and most obvious question is "Where did Vandy get that kind of money?" They've been to one bowl game in the past 10 or so years, they don't draw at their antiquated and small stadium...face it, the job is a killer to most.

But we do admire the chutzpah. It's a bold move. But it's one we don't think will happen. Malzahn is smart enough to know that it's a Head Coaching death sentence to head to Nashville. He'll wait for a better opportunity. With the departure of Urban Meyer at Florida, the SEC coaching carousel will be full of riders this year. If he's patient, Malzahn could end up with a much better job.

Here's a video of Malzahn on the job at Auburn. Thanks Auburn Athletics:

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