Saturday, December 11, 2010

DEVELOPING: Petrino gets a new deal

Robert Petrino Esq./Courtesy:

Though it probably should be qualified as "Non-binding". University of Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino is apparently the proud owner of a new, 7-year contract extension.

Petrino, who has led the Razorbacks to a 9-3 record this season and his new extension is expected to give him a significant raise.

The reason behind this, we suspect is to try and keep him around for awhile with the Coaching Carousel hitting full speed. We don't think he'll be a "Serious" contender this time around for jobs like the one at Florida, but the Arkansas folks aren't taking any chances.

Our only word of advice for the Razorback nation. It's not Petrino's nature to stick around anywhere for a long period of time. And just because he says he isn't going anywhere doesn't really mean...well, anything. Just check out his track record. Hopefully for your sakes, he's true to his word and will hang around for awhile. As much as we don't care for the man after the wreckage he abandoned in Atlanta, he's a heck of a coach and if he sticks around, Arkansas should be pretty competitive for that period of time.

Here's our hero back when he got hired, the day after losing a Monday Night Football game as the coach of the Atlanta Falcons: Thanks YouTube

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Anonymous said...

You must be some special kind of idiot. Please do some research into the buyout clause in his contract.....$18 million. That's right. It is not a typo. Even the buyout for the last year in the contract is just under $4 million. Also the hogs were 10-2 this year not 9-3.