Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Maybe Chucky Is Interested In The Miami Job?

As brother Phil pointed out it seems things are moving along in Miami's courtship of Jon Gruden. Miami athletic director Kirby Hocutt is reportedly meeting with Gruden today in Tampa to gauge his level of interest in the job. Gruden did cancel an appearance on Mike & Mike on ESPN Radioa Wednesday morning which would lead you to believe some kind of face to face will occur., Miami's site, has reported that the final details are being worked out with Gruden and that barring a last minute change of mind Gruden will be the next head coach of Miami. The Miami Herald is citing University of Miami trustee's that the process with Gruden hasn't reached that point.

Below is the link to Wednesday's Miami Herald article.

Two members of the board said that Gruden is the top choice but are concerned he may wait for a job in the NFL.

Should Gruden show no interest Miami is expected to chase after Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen. When asked via text by the Starkville daily news if Mullen was a candidate for the Miami and the University of Minnesota job he wrote back via twitter, "with all the rumors, all I am mulling over is the flu and what bowl we are going too."

The Miami Herald quotes a Miami official on Miami's interest in Mullen,
``We would have to scrutinize that one. Is two years [of head coaching experience] enough? There's a difference of opinion on that.''

Should this process move along keep two names in mind, Tommy Tuberville and Randy Edsell. Many of the football players of the past would love to see Tuberville, a former Miami assistant, get the gig. Edsell is gaining traction as well.

More when we know more.


The University of Miami sent an e-mail that there will be no press conference today and all reports are inaccurate.

WQAM radio in Miami has been all over this story. Below is a link to listen in.

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