Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Breaking: Looks like Jon Gruden likes Miami after all

Jon Gruden/Courtesy: backseatfan.com
It would appear that there still is a match to be made here. Reports are starting to trickle out of the Miami area tonight that despite his denials, Jon Gruden is in line to be the next coach of the Hurricanes.

Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel reporter Steve Groeten tweeted this tonight:

AD Kirby Hocutt and Jon Gruden meeting Wednesday to finalize details of a contract, according to a source close to situation.

He followed with this: A second source just confirmed the Hocutt-Gruden meeting.

Here is a longer version of a Groeten story also adding that if for some reason an agreement can't be reached with Gruden, Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen will be the fallback plan.

We believe that there may be something to these reports. While we don't quite get the Gruden thing...and we still aren't 100% convinced that its true, the Mullen option seems legit. No, Miami isn't in the SEC (they're in the crappy football playing ACC), they are still Miami and with the right guy in front of the program can be a factor. Maybe Gruden feels this is a way to prove he's that guy.

We'll keep following this story and let you know if and when things are official.

Here's a look at Gruden...on David Letterman's show:

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