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UPDATED: Thayer Evans Has Cam Newton Issues... And He's Not Alone...

Thayer Evans/Courtesy:
If you are asking who Thayer Evans is, you aren't alone. Mr. Evans is a reporter for and is the one who "Broke" the story about Cam Newton's grade and honor code "Issues" at the University of Florida.

Apparently, Mr. Evans has been "Diligently" working the phones, trying to dig up more "Scoop" on Newton.

According to a story on the TV Sports/News website "Sportsnewser", while making the rounds, attempting to call professors at Auburn...he ticked one of them off enough, that he posted Mr. Evans's cell phone number on a message board.

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While we certainly don't condone the passing out of someones phone number like this, it is kinda funny. Honestly, we don't really know if Evans is reporting with an agenda or if he, like so many others is trying to be the one who gets the "Scoop" and breaks what is the biggest story of the College Football season.

For their part, the Auburn folks seem to be convinced they and the Newton's are being persecuted. We don't see it that way. Sure, there are plenty of over-aggressive writers with agendas out there, but really there is almost always fire where there is smoke.

No, we won't convict the Newton's. Yet. We still are trying to figure out why nobody is ready to eviscerate Mississippi State yet. Every indication is that they broke multiple rules in all of this and yet it gets no play. And no, we won't give any credence to the report about the possible booster connection from Auburn to the Newton's. Pure speculation that since he (the booster) is a bad guy, he must have done it.

Charles Goldberg from refutes the assertion made by TMZ and their Sports division here.

The key section, from Goldberg:

Attorney Joe Espy issued a statement that said a story that suggested that McGregor could possibly be involved in the recruitment of Newton to Auburn was not true.

"Contrary to postings on celebrity and sports blogs, Milton McGregor has never had any contact direct or indirect with Cam Newton, Cecil Newton -- Cam's father -- Kenny Rogers or anyone purporting to represent Cam Newton," the statement said. "Mr. McGregor has never been asked to provide money for any recruitment or compensation of any current or perspective student athlete including Cam Newton at Auburn or any other school, and has never provided any type of compensation in that regard period no exceptions. As a proud supporter of Auburn University Mr. McGregor wants it known that he does cheer loudly for Cam Newton and thinks he is the best athlete in college football."

The TMZ report lacked details, saying that "according to sources ... FBI agents looking into the Newton recruiting controversy are also asking about Milton McGregor."

The story said "agents asked someone" connected to the Newton case if they were familiar with McGregor. The TMZ report did not identify what role "someone" may have in the story.

The story also said it was "unclear what, if any, direct connection McGregor has to Newton."

To be truthful, OSG Sources confirm McGregor has given money to Alabama, Auburn, and Troy University. His investigation from the FBI centers around his alleged bribing of elected officials to keep his "sporting" interests up and running in Macon County, Alabama.

Heck, if McGregor wanted to sponsor OSG programming, we wouldn't complain.

There's another issue brought forth by a ranter on an LSU rant site,, and the assertion there is centered around Bobby Lowder being a money man for any possible Newton transaction on the Plains.

The only issue there is that, roughly, 95-percent of the research is incorrect. Lowder and Colonial Bank were in no financial condition to either:

A) Be the front money for a Newton transaction and,
B) Were even denied TARP funds because they were in such bad shape. Even if they wanted to... they couldn't do it... Evidence Here...

While they did, initially, announce they were getting TARP funds, they didn't get them... and, thusly, were absorbed by BB&T.

We don't think any of this will be resolved before the season ends. It isn't in any one's best interest for that to happen. However, the NCAA, Auburn, the Newton's and Mississippi State need to be worried, very worried, that a reporter will find the proverbial "Smoking Gun"... before the end result of the "Released."

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