Saturday, November 27, 2010

Broncos Video team investigated for possible "Spygate" part 2....With Update

Josh McDaniels and Kyle Orton/Courtesy:
If you don't know what I'm talking about, then think back to 2007 when the Video guys from the New England Patriots were accused of video taping the opposing teams coaching signals. It was called "Spygate" and everyone from the NFL to Senator Arlen Spector was investigating and looking for someone's head.

With that in mind, we get word today that the Denver Broncos, coached by former Patriots assistant Josh McDaniels, are being investigated for something remarkably similar. Oh, the head of video who's currently on leave because of the investigation, Steve Scarnecchia, he used to work for the Patriots too.

Read the whole story from the Denver Post RIGHT HERE

The specifics of this have something to do with the Broncos game against San Francisco earlier this year in London.

This may or may not turn out to be truthful, it's still be investigated by the NFL. But, it sure doesn't smell very good for the Broncos. Or more specifically, the ex-New England connection. McDaniels, has already struggled in his tenure with the team and with the lack of results, may find himself out of a job very, very soon.

Updated 1pm on Saturday the 28th--per Bob Glauber of the Newsday and others on Twitter:

BREAKING: NFL announces Josh McDaniels fined $50k for not reporting taping of 49ers’ Oct. 30 practice. NFL says McDaniels didn't view tapes.

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