Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Notre Dame turns alleged sex assault info over to Prosecutor

ND Football stadium/Courtesy: bobak/collegeprowler.com
Apparently this was done late last week. We told you on Sunday, the story about a St. Mary's college student allegedly sexually attacked by a Notre Dame football player. That student, Elizabeth Seeburg, killed herself 10 days after the alleged incident. Oh, by the way, the alleged incident happened Sept. 1st.

This weekend, Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly played off the story in his Sunday conference call, saying he wasn't involved in the investigation and generally just passing everything off to Notre Dame campus police. Notre Dame authorities, well, they have declined to acknowledge the complaint...at least publicly.

Well, now comes a report that the information gathered has been passed to St. Joseph County (IN) prosecutor Michael Dvorak.

Read about that from the Chicago Tribune, who has been out front on this story...RIGHT HERE

If these allegations are even close to true, it smells pretty bad for the school. We think one of two things are at play. One, the school investigated and could not confirm anything and is confident that nobody else will either. There were no witnesses. Or two, they've been stalling and covering for the football player, hoping it will go away. If that is the case, someone is in deep doo-doo, the covering up would have been tied to the death of the young woman and nobody wants that on their hands. The one lingering question: If this happened in September, why is the info being sent to the prosecutor at the end of November? Because the Tribune is pursuing the story? Hmmm....

We'll let this play out in court and the local media up in northern Indiana and report on things as they progress. It will be very interesting to see how it plays out.

Speaking of that. The SouthBendTribune has a story on the differing stories being offered by police. You can read that story, RIGHT HERE

Here is the TV story on this from WLS-TV in Chicago:

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