Wednesday, November 17, 2010

DEVELOPING: Bell Texts Allegedly Set Newton Payment Plan

((HT: ESPN/Forde, Low, Schlabach))

According to the three-headed monster at the four-letter, Miss State mega-booster Bill Bell received a text from someone claiming to represent the interests of Cameron Newton that laid out a payment plan to securing Newton's services for the Bulldogs.

Bell, apparently, told this to the FBI when interviewed by them.

The man in question is believed to be Kenny Rogers...

During an alleged three-way telephone conversation, Rogers laid out the terms to Bell with Cecil Newton on the line as well. Newton, however, to Bell's recollection made no inferences or demands.

From the article:

"[Cecil Newton] didn't come out and say, 'I want $180,000,'" Bell said. "He inferred it and talked about it, but not directly. Kenny would talk about it in front of him, and [Cecil Newton] never corrected him or said, 'No, that's not what we're doing.'"

The text message claimed that Cecil Newton was requesting $80,000 the day after Cam Newton signed, $50,000 30 days later, and another $50,000 30 days after that. Bell admits the text messaged was saved on a cell phone that was damaged by water. He's trying to have it retrieved by the cell phone provider.

Bell had other conversations with Cecil Newton where Newton intimated that it would take more than the perceived Newton-Mullen kumbaya to get the QB to play in Starkville. Bell says he's coming forward to reiterate the idea that MSU did nothing wrong in the recruitment of Newton...

The HQ would like to add that while that may not necessarily be the case, Bell isn't talking about how any of this information came to light in the last few weeks, either.

That whole "breaking federal laws" thing...

Both Rogers and Bell are admitting that this is strictly having to do with the relationship Cecil Newton had with MSU. Auburn is not in play, and neither knows ((or seemingly cares)) whether or not Auburn has done anything wrong in bringing Cameron Newton to campus.

More when we know more...

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