Monday, November 22, 2010

BRREAKING NEWS: Happy Thanksgiving Brad're fired!

Brad Childress/Courtesy:
We'll, I guess the story we wrote a couple of hours ago is kinda pointless now, isn't it? To the surprise of few, the Minnesota Vikings announced this afternoon that they've fired head coach Brad Childress.

Childress's replacement, defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier, a man who should've been a head coach long before today.

Childress's departure comes on the heels of a humiliating 31-3 loss to Green Bay, one of many humiliations the Vikings have suffered this season. That dropped them to 3-7 and likely out of playoff contention. Something that surprised many pundits who assumed they were one game away from the Super Bowl last year and have Brett Favre, so they must be a Super Bowl team. Wrong again!

Oh and did we mention that he's fought most of season with Favre, through mostly the press and his players openly talked of how he's lost the locker room. And then there was the Randy Moss incident, one in which honestly, he probably made the right move for his team, but was blasted because of the way he did it. No, PR was not his best suit.

Vikings owner Zygi Wilf and Leslie Frazier will meet with the assembled media at 4pm eastern today. We'll try and update this story with video from that, later this afternoon.

In the meantime...enjoy some Chilly Willy:

Here's Rob Olsen, from our friends at MyFoxTwinCities, with a novel idea for a fan reaction piece... he went to the airport to ask unsuspecting fans who just landed what they think about it...

Well played, Rob...

Oh, and it took about four minutes for Tony Dungy to say he's not interested...

Here's Chilly's statement:

"The past five years have been a tremendous experience for my family and I as the Head Coach of the Minnesota Vikings. I have a great respect for the players and coaches who I have worked with and for their dedication to each other and to the organization. I am proud of our accomplishments and believe the foundation of this football team is stronger today than when I became Head Coach in 2006. I appreciate the opportunity that Zygi, Mark, and the whole Wilf family afforded me and wish them success as they move forward."

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