Sunday, November 28, 2010

TWTW: Sooners Survive Bedlam Over OSU


Let's face it...

The last four minutes of the Oklahoma-Oklahoma State game were the exact personification of the entire series...

No one can stop the other- even if they damn well tried. And when you thought everything was under control, it wasn't.

40 points were scored in the final 15 minutes- including a stretch where 20 points were scored in a minute and thirty-two seconds.

As a result, it means that there's a three-way tie for the Big 12/11/10 South title. When the Bee-Cee-Ess comes out this afternoon, the highest-rated team wins the tiebreaker. In all probability, it means that OU faces Nebraska in the title game in a conference that Nebraska wants nothing to do with after this year.

We once again are showing a bundled-up Jenni Carlson and Jake Trotter to analyze...

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