Monday, November 22, 2010

TWTW: Nebraska coach Bo Pellini is angry....

Football coaches can be intense people. At least during a game. Many of them are as mellow off of it as they are intense on it. It's an interesting paradox that sometimes brings out the best and worst in people...all within the same day.

It also makes for some interesting highlights. Take for example Nebraska head coach Bo Pellini. Pellini was...well...let's just say less than thrilled about several things in Saturday nights 9-6 loss to Texas A&M. One was the performance...or lack of it by his team. They racked up 16 penalties during the game, the Aggies 2.

Check out Pellini going off on his quarterback Taylor Martinez:

This game also feature an incident where Texas A&M receiver Jerod Eddie reached into an "Interesting Place" trying to recover a fumble:

Here is Pellini's thoughts on the game from RIGHT HERE

And post game from

Sorry Aggie fans, this was the only highlights we could post due to a technical thingie...but here are your second half highlights and post game:

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