Monday, November 22, 2010

Stage set for implosion with Vikings

We can't say we are shocked, because we aren't. What is happening here verifies are assertion that money doesn't always buy happiness or success in Sports.

The Minnesota Vikings are about to self-destruct. Viking fans might argue they already have. They are dealing with a coach than seems to be trying to get fired and a high-priced, diva-licious, should've retired last year quarterback.

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There is already discussion about the future of coach Brad Childress and some speculation that he'll be asked to leave today. That is possible and we'll keep an eye out in case that happens.

It also may hopefully was Brett Favre's last game. There will be sentiment, mostly from ESPN, that the Vikings should let Favre continue to play to keep his consecutive game streak alive.

No, they shouldn't. This season is over and Favre is not the team's future. Much like the Packers when they asked Favre to leave, they have to figure out who their guy for the future will be...Tavaris Jackson or maybe Joe Webb.

Either way, the amount of money that owner Zigi Wilf spent on this team is just plain goofy. They caught lightning in a bottle last year and that was great for them. This year, reality set in and proved...they aren't very good.

Not much video to be found, here's some Packer reaction to yesterday's game. Thanks

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