Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Drew Brees wins Sportsman of the year: We Agree

Drew Brees/Courtesy: SI.com
I'm not sure we could think of a better candidate this year if we tried. Really, think about it. The guy is not only a Saint on the field, in New Orleans, he's a Saint off of it too.

In no short order, he made the Saints relevant. Heck, he got them a Super Bowl win. More importantly, he's embedded himself in the culture and fabric of a not-too long ago wrecked city. He's helped give a city without hope, hope.

Are we saying he's a miracle man? No. But we are saying that he's the true definition of a "Leader". He's the guy on his team who sets the tone. He's the guy who makes them tick. And, quite honestly, he's the guy, who if he chose to do it, would be voted the Mayor of the City....if he wanted to do it.

Here's the video story from the people who choose this, Sports Illustrated:

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