Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Scott Boras may be in trouble....but probably won't be...

Scott Boras/Courtesy: zozone.mlblogs.com
If you are asking who Scott Boras is, then you probably don't follow baseball very much. Boras is one of the most high-profile agents in all of baseball. He's notorious for trying to hold his players hostage until they get overpaid by major league baseball teams. And arguably he's one of the cause's of the "Overpaid Baseball Player" syndrome we are all now so familiar with.

Apparently, he's also been acting much like his football brethren. The New York Times published a story today citing Boras for making large loans and payments to the families of poor Dominican baseball prospects. You should read the story, it's fascinating.

The story from NYTimes.com is RIGHT HERE

We think if this is true, then Karma is a bitch. Boras would, according to this report, have stepped around a cardinal rule in the baseball industry. And really, if you look at it and the example posted here about Braves prospect Edward Salcedo, it would equate to a form of indentured servitude.

It will be interesting to see if...or what Major League Baseball is able to do if this story is correct. So far, the NCAA and NFL have done virtually done nothing to corral an player-agent system run amok and we are betting that MLB will not do much either. It, like everything else when it comes to agent issues, will somehow end up falling on the shoulders of the players, even though most are teenagers when this all happens and in a lot of cases, don't know any better.

Check out this really interesting look at the growing market of marketing Dominican baseball players courtesy of NYTimes TV:

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