Monday, November 29, 2010

Who Wants The Miami Job? Chucky Not Interested?

Will the glory days ever return to the "U" or is 7-5 seasons the norm? With the firing of Randy Shannon the Miami Hurricanes are at a crossroads and finds itself trying to find the right fit for a head coach.

The Jon Gruden to the "U" rumors have been flying but Chucky himself has said he is content with his ESPN gig. Gruden would be nothing but a short term fix for Miami and would serve as an audition for the next NFL job. It would be a great hire but not one that would serve the programs long term interests. Of course I could be wrong.

Miami Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt has a list and these names just might be on it.

Mark Richt - If Richt is going to move on from Georgia this seems to be the time to do it. The Bulldogs have been mediocre at best the last two seasons which hasn't endeared Richt to the fan base. Keep in mind Richt was Jim Kelly's back up as a player at Miami so he's a alum. Richt has had some discipline issues at Georgia recently which might work against him. Bottom line, I would be shocked if Richt bolted Athens for South Beach.

Mike Leach - I know Leach has a big mouth and is a nightmare for his bosses but he his offense just might work for the Hurricanes. Leach's Texas Tech defenses weren't that good but does the same kind of athlete attend Texas Tech compared to Miami? Don't get me wrong, Leach at best would be maybe a third or fourth option but he's a proven coach and would bring some much needed excitement from an apathetic fan base. Does the "U" want to carry his baggage?

Tommy Tuberville - His credentials are tremendous. A winner in the SEC at Auburn. A successful first season at Texas Tech with a 7-5 record. Tuberville spent seven years at the "U" as an assistant coach so he knows the ins and outs of the program. Could Tubs be pried away from Lubbock, Texas after just one season?

Dan Mullen - The guy can coach offense. I think Mullen would be a great hire for Miami. Young coach whose done a tremendous job at Mississippi State. Mullen should get a call.

Gus Malzahn - Hottest assistant coach out there. Kirby Hocutt should have Malzahn's number on his speed dial. A must call.

Brent Ventables - Another assistant coach on many athletic director's list. Lack of head coaching experience will hurt his chances but he's is a known commodity to Hocutt, they were teammates at Kansas State in the early 1990's.

Jim Leavitt - Way to much baggage.

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