Monday, November 22, 2010

Jimmie Johnson wins Sprint Cup again...other drivers just shake heads

Jimmie Johnson/Courtesy:
Can you say "The Dominator"? NASCAR actually had a fairly thrilling end to its season this year...for maybe the first time, well, ever.

Their version of the playoffs, the Sprint Cup, came down to the final race. To those who don't follow, we'll set the scene: One race left, Denny Hamlin with a slim lead in the points standings. Just 15-points behind, Jimmie Johnson, the guy who had won the previous four titles in a row. The only other guy close, Kevin Harvick. But Harvick self-destucts and speeds down pit road, costing him any shot at the title.

Short version, Hamlin has a horrible final day, Johnson didn't. Johnson catches him in the point standings and has now won the last 5 titles.

Oh by the way, Carl Edwards was your winner of the Homestead-Ford 400 on Sunday.

Read the summary from the Miami Herald RIGHT HERE

Yes, the rest of NASCAR is trying to catch Johnson who along with his team at Hendrick Motorsports, have this whole Sprint Cup playoff thing down pat. They peak at the end of the season, every season...and they win.

As for NASCAR, it wasn't the banner year they were hoping for. Truly, they, much like golf, need to figure out a way to keep more than the hardcore fans interested after football starts. While a dramatic last race like the one on Sunday will help.

Here is Jimmie's reaction to winning the title. Thanks ESPN:

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