Sunday, November 28, 2010

Canes limp home, Randy Shannon gets fired....

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It was inevitable. The rumors had been circulating most of the day on Saturday. The empty seats in Sun-Life stadium and the lifeless performance of the "U" against South Florida re-enforced it. It was time to change coaches.

Randy Shannon got four years to turn the University of Miami back into the power that they imagine themselves to be. It didn't happen. So he was fired Saturday night.

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Shannon went 28-22 in his 4-years. Not exactly earth shattering. Though for some strange reason, the school gave him a 4-year extension on his contract before this 7-5 season even started. To buy that out will cost them some money. But that's what big time schools who think they are something they are not do.

This is the first, well with Robbie Caldwell's resignation, actually the second coaching opening of the Carousel season. Usually that season starts after conference championship games. Not this year. No word on the suspects in line for the gig, though we bet that this years wonderkind, Jim Harbaugh will be among them.

The "Official" press conference will be Sunday afternoon to announce this.

J-DUB UPDATE 10:30am: Shannon's offensive line coach, Jeff Stoutland, will take over as interim 'Canes coach through the bowl game, according to the Associated Press.

And there's more: The rampant speculation has already begun. Those who's job it is to throw random names are throwing Jon Gruden and possibly Georgia Head Coach and Miami grad Mark Richt as potential contenders. Expect anyone who's ever had success as a college coach short of Joe Paterno and Nick Saban and maybe Gene Chizik to have their name bandied about.

In the meantime, here is some discussion on it from our pals at ESPN:

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