Thursday, November 25, 2010

Purdue Women's basketball player gets meningitis

Drey Mingo/Courtesy:
Junior forward Drey Mingo is suffering from acute bacterial meningitis and the team is taking no chances. Mingo is resting comfortably in a West Lafayette, Indiana hospital with coaches and teammates around for support.

The team isn't sure where or how Mingo got the infection, but not wanting to take any chances, they cancelled a trip this week to Cancun, Mexico for a holiday basketball tournament.

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Mingo, a transfer from Maryland, is one of the teams best players is going to out of action for some time. The infection, though not highly communicable is capable of being passed from one person to another, thus the isolation and holding the team back from traveling.

We wish Mingo the best and hope that she recovers and is able to play again for the Lady Boilermakers. Try and enjoy the holiday as best you can.

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