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OSG Polls: The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: The Gordon Gee is a Turkey Edition...

G.Gordon Gee is a Turkey/Courtesy:
Yes, like everyone else in the free, civilized world, we hope that everyone has a Happy Turkey....when they are happy, they taste better. Thank you very much, I'll be here all week.

We've finally gotten to the point where things are sorting out. No Cam Newton stories in the past week...and for that, we thank you.

However we are seriously mulling a "G. Gordon Gee is a Turkey" campaign in light of his asinine comments that Boise St. and TCU shouldn't be allowed to play for the "BCS Championship". Well, gee...Gordon....your school played Eastern Michigan and Indiana and Minnesota...they suck worse than anyone on Boise or TCU's what does that say about your "Alleged Powerhouse"? And for that matter, both schools are ahead of any of your "Big/Mediocre 10 Conference teams"...wonder why that is?

In lieu of our weekly Dirty Dozen movie clip, on this holiday, we feel it important to remind you all of this important fact:

Again, thanks...we'll be here all week. Make sure to tip your waiters and waitresses.

Now, with that all behind us, we had another 11-2 week last week, making us 122-25 straight up this year. Not bad Gordon? Even if we play "Little Sisters of the poor"....

So with that we say "Gordon Gee is a Turkey" or on with the Countdown...

The Dirty Dozen:

1) Boise State 10-0. We've said it before we'll say it again, maybe Gordon will hear us this time. THEY ARE THE MOST COMPLETE TEAM IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL. Period. They would beat Ohio St. 10 out of 10 times if they played. Still, they'll get screwed because of narrow minded dorks like Mr. Gee. This Week: Boise St. 45, Nevada 23

2) Auburn 11-0. Good news: They escaped the bye week with no Cam Newton stories. The bad news, they play Alabama this week. At 'Bama. Yes, Mr. Gee, this is "Big Boy" football. Something they don't play in your conference. I'm going to get grief for this pick. This Week: Alabama 41, Auburn 39

3) Oregon 10-0. They were exposed vs. Cal. They do have a weakness if you can slow them down. I don't believe anyone in the PAC 10/12 is the best at anything. Though they could beat Gordon's Buckeye's....handily. This Week: Oregon 34, Arizona 28

4) TCU 11-0. They too could beat any of your Big 10 teams Gordon. Really. It wouldn't be hard. Look it up, your teams gag against every good team outside the conference they play. It's tradition. TCU is as good as anyone, though they too will get screwed and may not even get to play in a BCS game of any sorts...shows how corrupt the system is. This Week: TCU 112, New Mexico 0

5) Stanford 10-1. Despite what we said earlier about Oregon, we like Stanford. They are a really good team. Not the best, but this year, nobody is aside from Boise State. So by virtue of a lack of contenders, they get to be #5 on our list. This Week: Stanford 35, Oregon St. 27

6) Wisconsin 10-1. The best team in Gordon's conference. Any other season they'd be ranked around #10. But not this year. Hey Gordon, if they are so tough than why did Wisconsin play crappy San Jose St., Austin Peay and crappy UNLV this year? Strength of schedule? I'm waiting........This Week: Wisconsin 31, Northwestern 17

7) LSU 10-1. Proof positive that it's better to be lucky than good. They've done just enough to win all but one game and really, that is all that matters. And oh...Gordon, LSU would be the best team in your a really large margin. This Week: Arkansas 41, LSU 28

8) Alabama 9-2. Again, further proof that you just need to hang around to be considered. They are in an interesting place this week. They can't win a title...we don't think. But they could have a really big voice in who could. Gee, Gordon, you better hope they lose, cause otherwise Boise State will get to play for the title. This Week: See #2.

9) Oklahoma St. 10-1. They look to be the favorites to win the Big 12/10. Like it or not. If you want a "Little Sisters of the poor" argument Gordon, look at 4 of their first 5 games. The Fighting Gundy's couldn't beat TCU, Boise or most of the SEC West. This Week: Oklahoma 49, Okie St. 45

10) Arkansas 9-2. We've gone on record multiple times about Bobby Petrino's "Douchiness" but give him credit, he's a damn good college coach. Arkansas is very similar to his successful Louisville teams. Hey Gordon...just so you know, Arkansas would beat any team in your conference. This Week: See #7

11) Ohio St. 10-1. Okay, Gordon. Here is about where your "Team" should be. They are they poster boys for the non-SEC teams. Gosh, we forgot how much of a Powerhouse Ohio U. is. Guess you have us there. Good thing Michigan's defense is so good. Gordon, your a "Dumb Ass". This Week: Ohio St. 39, Michigan 28

12) Va. Tech 9-2. Because this affords us a chance to mock the lame ACC. Oh wait. They are a "BCS" conference. They would never play the "Little Sisters of the Poor". Gosh Gordon, they'd beat most of your conferences teams too. And Boise beat them. Hmmmm....wonder how that happened? This Week: Va. Tech 41, UVA 21

The Bottom of the Barrel:

Because of course, we know nobody from a BCS conference would ever be caught dead playing any of these teams. Right Gordon?

5) Buffalo 2-9. Where have you gone Turner Gill? Oh...wait, Kansas isn't much better either? Well, but they play in a BCS conference so they must be better. Anyway, these guys lost to Eastern Michigan last week, so that makes them B of B eligible. This Week: I think we've found our TURKEY BOWL--Buffalo 1, Akron 0.

4) Texas 5-6. Because Georgia non-withstanding, these guys are the single most disappointing team in NCAA football. Hey Gordon-did we mention that they played "The Little Sisters of the Poor/Florida Atlantic" last week. And FAU kept in close in the 1st half. This Week: Texas A&M 24, Texas 16

3) Wake Forest 2-9. This one is for you J-Dub. Your alma mater sucks dude. Bad. But according to Gordon Gee are more worthy of the BCS Championship game than Boise St. or TCU. Yeah right. And NBC will talk to a star from another network during the Macy's parade. Right. This Week: Wake Forest 0, Vanderbilt 0--A TIE!

2) New Mexico 1-10. The only team in Division 1 with a coach that has 2 career wins and the state won't buy out his contract. Guess they are doomed to suck for a very long time. Gordon, this might very well be Little Sisters of the Poor. Oh wait...TCU plays them...damn! This Week: See #4 in the Dozen.

1) Akron 0-11-- See Video--

This Week: See #5--

There really is nothing more than I can say here. I'm still trying to figure out why G.Gordon Gee would say what he did. It may be the stupidist thing I've ever heard. Although it may help bolster the Utah/WAC/Mountain West pending lawsuit against the Ass-clowns in the BCS. 

Just because you have a bigger name school doesn't mean it is better. The Big 10, they've sucked for years. They can't beat anyone outside their conference, yet they are always in the Top 10. The least this year is a bit down and the Big 12 has been awful this season. So where exactly is "Gordon's" argument coming from?

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