Saturday, November 27, 2010

BREAKING: Robbie Caldwell done at Vanderbilt after today - with UPDATE

Robbie Caldwell/Courtesy: Jae S. Lee/The Tennessean
Robbie Caldwell got his shot at being a head coach. It lasted a year. Caldwell stepped in when former coach Bobby Johnson resigned over the summer. He will resign effective Sunday.

For Caldwell, a life-long assistant it was finally a chance to have his own team. Unfortunately for him, that team was Vanderbilt and they are 2-9 going into their final game against 2-9 Wake Forest.

The Tennessean talks about what is going on in Nashvegas RIGHT HERE

There are plenty of names out there on the carousel waiting to get off. However, the tough part will be getting them to Nashville's West End. Sure, it's a really cool city (we lived there from 1995-1999), but the team has been an SEC doormat for many, many years.

Bobby Johnson got them some much needed respectability. The challenge for Vandy will be finding someone else willing to put in that kind of effort.

UPDATE 8:10pm: WGFX 104.5FM's George Plaster is saying Navy offensive coordinator Ivin Jasper is the leading candidate to replace Caldwell. At one time, Plaster said Jasper would be hired within 48 hours, but has since backed off that statement. Read more from Plaster HERE.

You can also here Plaster's audio report HERE.

UPDATE 9:54pm: According to the Annapolis Capitol and, Navy S.I.D. Scott Strasemeier says that no one from Vanderbilt has approached him in any way to ask for permission to talk with Jasper or any other coach from the Naval Academy. Read more from Annapolis HERE.

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