Thursday, November 18, 2010

OSG Polls: The Dirty Dozen and The Bottom of the Barrel: Is it over yet?

This is officially the week that the College Football season seems like it is lagging. There are not really any "Major Impact" games. A lot of teams are off or playing the Georgia State's of the world.

We went on a limb a couple of times last week, but that is mostly because we favor the chaos theory of College Football. Unlike most writers/pollsters/smart-asses. We actually pay attention to what happens in games rather than just read a box score.

So, with that in mind, we move ahead to this weeks clip where the guys try and figure out how they are going to finish their mission. Sound familiar?

Last week, 11-2, though we goofed due to rushing to get this finished and New Mexico losing to the wrong team. They lost, and would've no matter who they played. Overall: 111-23 and we're damn proud that we don't pick the spread...

As Casey always says "And now, on with the countdown"!

The Dirty Dozen:

1) Boise St. 9-0. Yes, I know I dropped them last week. My bad. They've been the most consistent team this year and really, they deserve a shot at the title. But they won't get it. Sad, yes? This Week: Boise St. 43, Fresno St. 17

2) Auburn 11-0. I just feel dirty saying this. As long as Cam Newton is playing, they win. Or at least have a really good chance at it. Thought UGA had a shot at them last week...but Mr. Newton said "No". Still have this nagging feeling "They got some splainin' to do". And yes, the defense still isn't very good. This Week: BYE

3) Oregon 10-0. Me thinks they may have been exposed last week by Cal. They won, but barely. And the offense was stagnant. We don't think they'll stumble either. But we don't think they are going to win the National Championship even though they'll be in the game. This Week: BYE

4) TCU 10-0. They also have a legit argument in this "Who's the best?" debate. But the name and conference works against them in the BCS Empire. Unfortunate because I think they could beat at least 2 of the 3 teams ranked ahead of them. This Week: BYE

5) LSU 9-1. Long live the "Mad Hatter". He's got a really, really bad offensive team in position to at least be in line for a BCS bowl game. They've moved up through attrition, but hey, isn't that all it takes? This Week: LSU 17, Ole Miss 13

6) Stanford 9-1. This is a pretty good team. They, for the most part, have taken care of business. And they'll more than likely end up in the Rose Bowl. Not bad. Look for Jim Harbaugh's name to surface in almost every NFL job opening this Winter. This Week: Stanford 31, Cal 21

7) Wisconsin 9-1. Ok, dropping an 83 spot was impressive. Even if it was only Indiana. They appear to be the best of the Big 10/12. But, they always lose games they shouldn't. It wouldn't surprise us if that happens before the end of the season. This Week: Michigan 31, Wisconsin 27 UPSET ALERT!

8) Nebraska 9-1. They've been the most consistent team in the Big 12/10. Except the week Texas managed to beat them. The games have gotten closer as the season has gotten later. That's something to be concerned with. This Week: Texas A&M 38, Nebraska 33

9) Okie State 9-1. They can throw. And they can score. And they can't stop anyone. And they still have an outside shot of being in the Big 12/10 title game. This week will help their cause. This Week: Ok. State 52, Kansas 31

10) Alabama 8-2. Hmmm. 5 Days removed from taking care of Miss. State. Solid, but they seem to be lacking the spark of last years team. Don't know why. Maybe they've tuned out the great Saban? Maybe the great Saban is growing weary of staying in one place? Hmmm....This Week: Alabama 41, Ga. State 7

11) Arkansas 8-2. Because I refuse to put another Big 10/12 team in here. Refuse! They always let me down. Always! Plus Arkansas ain't bad. And I have a brother in law that lives there. So ha! This Week: Arkansas 33, Miss St. 21

12) Ohio St. 9-1. Now, whomever I put in this spot, always loses. It happens every week. So I'll put them here. For some reason the national press and computers love these guys. Me, I can't figure out why. They are oh, so dull and mediocre. Maybe it's the coach? This Week: Iowa 29, Ohio St. 21

The Bottom of the Barrel: 

An aside here, as I'm thinking of this song before doing the list:

5) San Jose St. 1-9. They almost won last week. That's why I was thinking of Nick Lowe. Strange...ain't it? Thankfully, their season is almost over. This Week: Hawaii 45, San Jose St. 21

4) Eastern Michigan 1-9. They statistically aren't a horrible offensive team. But then there is that whole turnover issue. And lack of defense. And coaching. And well, you get the picture. This Week: Buffalo 47, E. Mich. 38 STINKER ALERT

3) New Mexico 1-9. Sure, they won a game...and climbed up...and almost out of the barrel. But then, they showed their true colors last week. And are working back down. This Week: BYU 48, New Mexico 12.

2) Memphis 1-9. A truly not clean city and a truly stinky football team. They really haven't been close to beating anyone except when they somehow managed to beat MTSU early this year. Wonder if Fred Smith will by Tommy West a he can fly out of town...after he gets fired? This Week: UAB 38, Memphis -3 (Yes, minus 3)

1) Akron 0-11. Well, at least the city always has LeBron...oh...wait. Never mind. They are lucky the season is almost over. Believe it or not. They are almost statistically the worst every statistical category this year. And they are our the loveable losers. They played Wednesday, so I can't pick them to lose...which I would have, and they did. One more game until no more football...Hooray!

As you can see, all the good teams are off. They bad one's, not so much. See if you can do better than me. Tell us your picks and your top...and bottom teams. 

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