Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This is why the NCAA has agent problems...

Teague Egan and friend/Courtesy: Mel Melcon-latimes.com
((ht: latimes.com))

Wow! If you ever wondered how the agent and compliance issue in the NCAA became such a problem, we now have a shining example as to why.

We stumbled across this fascinating and incredibly scary story that explains how a 22-year old USC student got certified to be an agent by the NFL Players Association. The kids name is Teague Egan and he gladly proclaims his goal is to "Represent every USC Player about to turn pro".

Egan has already gotten USC running back Dillon Baxter suspended for a game and according to the article has the USC compliance office completely freaked out.

Read the excellent TJ Simers story from the LA Times RIGHT HERE

The first question this story raises is this: Why would the NFLPA certify this kid as an agent? Things like this would explain some of the issues currently dogging the NCAA and their eligibility requirements. You can't have a kid like this existing and expect a school to stay in compliance. It will never happen.

The whole college player/agent issue is already out of hand and nobody seems to be in a hurry to fix it. Certainly some form of cooperation between the NCAA and the NFLPA about issues such as the ones raised in this article would be a good start. But there is no indication either side is even willing to talk about it.

So in the meantime the corruption of the system continues. College football, while being our favorite sport of all, has gotten more and more corrupt as the years go by. It's all about the money. All about the money for the people who run bowl games. All about the money for the NCAA. All about the money for the schools and their marketing departments and all about the money for the coaches. The ones who get screwed are the players who don't make any money from anything. Unless they meet or have a Teague Egan on their campus, something that we are beginning to think, many of them do.

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