Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jim Tracy collapses at Baseball Meetings...appears to be OK

Jim Tracy/Courtesy: Getty Images
Colorado Rockies manager Jim Tracy is in an Orlando area hospital after he collapsed early Tuesday morning while at the Disney Resort for baseball's Winter Meetings.

There is no indication of what caused Tracy to collapse, he's being tested at the hospital to try and find a cause. Thankfully, he was in the company of his coaches when he went down, they called for immediate help.

The winter meetings continue in Florida, there have been a few pieces of action, but the primary focus has been the chase for Cliff Lee. Nobody knows where or when he'll sign a long-term, gazillion dollar contract.

The biggest puzzler, the signing of Jayson Werth to a $120 something million dollar deal. Anyway you slice it, it's kept baseball on the radar, even with all the NFL stuff and Cam Newton stories. For that, we laugh.

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Yankees, people are still wondering?