Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Stolen, giant Lee Corso head recovered...World secure for another day...

If this wasn't kind of funny, we probably wouldn't have posted this. Apparently, over the weekend, while ESPN was doing their "College Gameday" show from Corvallis, Oregon before the Oregon-Oregon State game, someone walked off with a giant, mascot head of one of the co-hosts, Lee Corso.

The story from the Registerguard.com RIGHT HERE

Oregon State police say the "Giant" head was recovered after it was left near the home of an Oregon State Employee. Two dumb asses were arrested, 26-year old August Cuneo and 25-year old Alexander Westerberg. Police say they both were Oregon graduates, no word on if they were actually capable of finishing their degrees.

For those not aware of the joke. Here is the promo spot that kind of got things started. It's actually kind of funny in a dry-humor sense.

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