Monday, December 13, 2010

Malzahn to Vandy...makes sense once you think about it... UPDATE: or not...

Gus Malzahn/Courtesy: Hal Yeager/Birmingham news
Well, it must have been the money. We are still scratching our heads over the reports now coming out that Auburn offensive coordinator and hot assistant coach of the year Gus Malzahn is going to take the Vanderbilt coaching job.

A quick mention from the Washington Post RIGHT HERE

Fox Sports says it's done...though they just quote a single source. Read more RIGHT HERE

Our friends at say that it's his if he wants it, but he hasn't decided as of last night. MORE HERE

While we think Malzahn would be a great hire, we still don't get this one. He should be a top choice for Vanderbilt...or any other mid-level program looking for a "Splash" hire. We just don't think this is a great fit. We think he can do better.

However, with Will Muschamp heading to Florida and Al Golden going to Miami, there aren't a whole lot of significant Southern College Football jobs left out there. Well, really there aren't a whole lot period. We are pretty sure Malzahn won't be after Golden's former job at Temple and aside from that, really, what's left.

Heck, I think I just explained why he will take the Vandy job. Wow, I guess there are more reasons than I thought.

Really, Malzahn couldn't hurt Vandy. His offense and creativity would make up for the lack of depth that the Commodores have. It's a lot easier to find kids who are fast and can fit his system. Vandy won't...and hasn't beaten anyone trying to grind it out with them. We suppose that if Gus has some success in Nashvegas with the Commodore's, well, then his next step would be to a major program.

Good luck, Gus, you'll need it. But if it's any consolation. Nashville really is a nice place to live.

For what it's worth, here's a Vanderbilt Football commercial for the 2009 season....

PM UPDATE: Malzahn is staying...
Erik Kuselius, The Bachelor, and Ed Cunningham discuss...
((HT: ESPN))

It's back to Maryland OC James Franklin as the Number One...

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