Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mascot Proves More Exciting Than UC Game, Gets Benched

Cincinnati's Bearcat mascot was cited for disorderly conduct after a snowball-throwing incident in the stands during a game against Pittsburgh.

It's probably this one...
((HT: Youtube))

In what Brother Phil regarded as "Snowmageddon 2010," and Pitt's Dion Lewis scored the second of his three touchdowns in the first half, students threw snowballs at his person and were told to stop.

A UC spokesman says the mascot was told to stop throwing snowballs in the stands ((above)) and pushed a security guard ((not shown)), knocking both of them, apparently, to the ground.

The mascot was detained and cited ((below)). He was not identified. A backup mascot took his place at halftime.

What the folks at UC don't tell you was that had to have been the most offense shown by a Bearcat all day in the Pitt blowout...

Here's the arrest, the police actually took the guys head clean off...

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