Thursday, December 9, 2010

Scott Speed isn't a happy man...NASCAR fans say "Who's Scott Speed"?

Scott Speed/Courtesy:
Scott Speed would be, to use a pro-wrestling term...a NASCAR "Jobber". By that, we mean he is one of those guys who runs because his team owner needed to have a seat in a car filled and gaining some points.

Scott Speed finished 30th in the Sprint Cup standings, his second year at that level after moving over from Formula One Racing. He's carved out a modest career for himself, driving for the Red Bull Racing team.

However, Scott Speed is not happy. Not because he was dropped from his team because they signed Kasey Kahne. No, he's not happy because he found out when he got a fax notifying him that he was done. That was it.

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To his credit, Speed did have a reasonably successful year, with 4 Top 20 finishes in the years first four races. But he kind of fell off the radar after that.

And no, he doesn't totally disagree with Red Bull's decision to drop him, he's pissed off about the way they did it. We get that. Imagine being fired from your job, but not being told, just being handed a fax.

We wish Mr. Speed luck. He certainly has a race car drivers name, just think of the alliteration. We hope he finds a ride next year and has some success. Heck, NASCAR needs everyone to have success right now, with sagging ratings and attendance, they need to figure something out to ignite a sport that just a couple of years ago was the "Hot" event.

Here is Mr. Speed, driving the Red Bull "Taxi" in Chicago earlier this year. Thanks Redbull:

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