Thursday, December 2, 2010

Your Miami Coaching Update: Dan Mullen anyone?

Dan Mullen/Courtesy:
No, we didn't say Jon Gruden. For a reason. Yes, we know that the "U" has a major "Thing" for the former NFL coach and now ESPN analyst. And yes, we know we've said that is the way they were leaning.

Sure, we know they had a meeting on Wednesday. Along with everyone else who had a source to confirm it, we did as well.

However. We don't think that Gruden's interest is as serious as the "U"'s is. He seems to be willing to listen, but our read is that they will have to floor him for it to happen.

You need to go back on our page a few stories--like to Tuesday, and read closely. We mentioned that there is a second option. Dan Mullen. Mullen has been very successful in his second season at Mississippi State. However, our OSG source tells us, the school seems to not think Mullen worthy....yet.

One other name we are told has been bandied about. Tommy Tuberville. Yes, former UM Assistant and current Texas Tech coach Tommy Tuberville. Our source tells us that many of the alumni--former player alumni, are pushing for him to be considered.

We honestly don't know who will end up with this job. Right now its the highest profile one out there. However, it isn't nearly the job today as it was 10-years ago. The school, we don't think, realizes that. We'll follow this story and continue to update it as the Coaching Carousel moves along.

Here's Tommy Tuberville arriving at his current job:


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