Thursday, December 2, 2010

Grinnell College Plays Bombs Away, Sets NCAA Record With 19 Players Hit 3 Pointers

The cords will burn whenever Grinnell College and Faith Baptist Bible College battle on the hardwood. Back on November 23rd the Pioneers and the Eagles faced off with Grinnell, an NCAA Division III school, winning 137-103.

It was a record breaker for the Pioneers, 19 players made 3-point baskets. 19!!.

Click the link below for the official box score.

Poor Tyler Brotz, he was the only Grinnell player that couldn't hit for 3-point range going 0-6.

“I like this one, because so many people were involved,Grinnell coach David Arseneault said in the Des Moines Register. “It’s awesome. I have a feeling that this is one record that will stand for a very long time.”

Grinnell was up 88-38 at halftime and coach Arseneault told his team to keep launching and go for the record.

“Nobody in the stands knew what we were doing,Arseneault said. “There were times when someone would have a wide-open layup and then just dribble past the basket and pass the ball out. People were looking at us like, 'What is he doing?’”

Those of us at the OSG HQ are wondering "Where's the defense."

Photo Courtesy: Cory Hall/Cory Hall Photgraphy

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