Thursday, December 2, 2010

OSG Polls: The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: The Conference Champ edition

And that is why we come to the last week of this years Dozen. Sure, we'll do a bowl edition, but it isn't quite the same thing. It's been a fun year. Even if not too many folks actually read this, I have fun taking an hour out of my mornings to write it. This year, a year of some really strange happenings and a year, at least in our eyes...where there isn't one clear-cut, dominant Number 1 team.

Boise State did themselves in, others just faded. Either way the lords of the BCS are probably happy right now...unless Auburn and Oregon lose on Saturday. Hmmmm....

Since it is the holiday season, we think it's only fair to start with this:

And we'd be remiss if we didn't have our movie clip. The mission nears completion and not everyone makes it. See the thrilling conclusion:

Well, we didn't do so well last week, hoped for some upsets that didn't happen. 9-4 for the week, 131-29 for the season. We'll take that.

So to quote the great Casey Kasem: "Now, it's on with the countdown"

The Dirty Dozen:

1) Auburn 12-0. Yeah, they deserve it. The best comeback team in America. Sorry, NCAA ruling non-withstanding their season still has an odor to it. Cecil Newton basically admits he lied and he did try pimping out his kid for money. Mississippi State is probably in trouble, we wonder...still, if it is a matter of time before Auburn is in the same boat. This Week: SEC Championship: Auburn 35, S.Carolina 21

2) Oregon 11-0. It's in their hands. Win and you are in. The Corrupt BCS Championship game is there for the taking. They've done what is needed, but we still think they are a gimmick team. With a month to prepare, they can be beat. No Pac 10/12 Championship game...yet. This Week: Oregon 43, Oregon St. 21

3) TCU 12-0. On the outside looking in, but they'll be fine. They'll get a BCS game, the corrupt BCS has no choice in the matter. And they deserve it. This is a really, really good team. Next Game: Corrupt BCS Bowl Game

4) Stanford 11-1. The best of the "One Loss" teams. They've been really tough down the stretch, playing very, very well. In fact, well enough that they may lose their coach after this season. Yeah, Jim Harbaugh will be the next "It" coach. Trust us. Next Game: Corrupt BCS Bowl Game

5) Wisconsin 11-1. They finished on, well, a pretty good offensive roll. Sure, they are the best of the Big 10/12. The gaudy numbers the last couple weeks will seal that deal. Plus the 10 doesn't have a championship game for them to gag. Next Game: Corrupt BCS Bowl Game

6) Arkansas 10-2. This is where we drop a level. The Top 5 are the best 5 teams. They are better than anyone from here on down. Arkansas has rounded their game out a bit as the season wore on. Coach Douche' has done a good job, though the defense could use some work. Next Game: Possible Corrupt BCS Bowl Game

7) Boise St. 10-1. Try not to forget, haters, that if Kyle Brotzman hits a chip shot Field Goal and these guys are still undefeated and sitting at #3. We still think they are pretty good, better than the potpourri of Big 10/12 teams the Corrupt BCS ranks ahead of them. Hear me Gordon? This Week: Boise St. 45, Utah St. 21

8) LSU 10-2. The "Hatter" finally lost his mojo last week. This is a flawed team that Les Miles got the most out of and for that we applaud you sir. The question is, will the restless fanbase agree?. Next Week: Cotton Bowl

9) Michigan St. 11-1. We aren't totally impressed. They were lucky to hold off the "Joe Pa's" last week. Kirk Cousins is highly overrated. Still, we'll take them over Ohio St. Too bad the "Big 10/12" doesn't have a championship game. Next Game: Bowl Game

10) Oklahoma 10-2. Your enigma team. They probably should have been better than this, but we really aren't sure that is actually true. The defense has hurt them. A lot. But they got to the Championship game and really, that's all that matters: This Week: Oklahoma 38, Nebraska 37

11) Ohio St. 11-1. Yes, I know the pollsters love these guys. Yes, I know I hate them due to G.Gordon Gee...well, there are a few other reasons too. But really, they are overrated. They aren't that good. They'll gag in a close game. Trust me, I'm usually right. Next Game: Bowl Game

12) Virginia Tech 10-2. Somehow, someway, the survived a horrible loss to James Madison. They were easily the best of a really, really crappy ACC. They've gotten better as the year's gone by. As usual, they are solid, everywhere. This Week: Va. Tech 34, FSU 20

The Bottom of the Barrel:

We don't know what to do. Akron won last week. How can it be? They still are horrible, but they won with the pressure on. Damn them! I say!

5) Texas 5-7. They finish here due to being the NCAA's single biggest underachievers. We love it when a pre-season BCS pick tanks like this. It proves what we say about pre-season polls. They shouldn't exist. Well, we guess there is always next season when they'll be in the Top 20 again, trust me.

4) Buffalo 2-10. Wow, do they ever suck. How do you lose to Akron. Well, at least they can take solace in being in the bottom 10 of the entire NCAA. Will they get better? We don't think so. 

3) Kansas 3-9. How the mighty have fallen. Hmmm....We've got two teams from the "Big 12/10" here, wonder what that means? They just were bad. Bad in pretty much every category. We aren't betting on an offseason change either.

2) New Mexico 1-11. Okay, will the New Mexico State Legislature please spare the American College Football viewing public the pain of a 3rd year of Mike Locksley. Do you realize how much of a joke he's made you? Do you realize how bad your State's football is? Yeah, that's what we thought.

1) Memphis 1-11. We still think this is Karma. That's what Fred Smith gets for trying to buy this teams way into the Big East. Granted the East isn't such a great conference, but this is the worst team in Conference USA. By a large margin. The only question is will they be the preseason worst team in America next year. 

This is what we think of when we think of the Memphis Fed-Ex'ers:

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