Monday, February 14, 2011

No contract for Pujols: Enjoy Spring Training St.Louis...

Albert Pujols/Courtesy:
Oooh. This isn't going to be a lot of fun. Most of the baseball world has breathlessly awaited to see if the St.Louis Cardinals could reason "The Franchise", Albert Pujols before a self-imposed, first day of Spring Training deadline issued by his agent.

You see, Albert, or Mr. Best Hitter in Baseball will be a free agent after this season. And though he's spent his entire career in St. Louis, he's expressed no hesitation about the thought of becoming a free agent.

More than likely its because he knows no matter what happens, he's set for life...and oh...about 100 other peoples lives combined too.

Read about Albert turning down St. Louis's latest offer RIGHT HERE

The whole thing is going to make for chaos the next couple of weeks. The Cardinals are already bracing for the daily 4-letter (ESPN) daily Albert update. And hopefully his teammates are prepared too. Because they'll be asked about it over the next few weeks. A lot.

This is one of the things we truly hate about Sports. There are no winners when things like this happen. Well, actually, the player and the agent always win eventually. It's really hard for the rest of us to relate to people talking about contracts worth $100's of millions of dollars and paying guys in a week, what most of us make in a year, just to play a Sport.

Here's Albert hitting baseball's with Dennis Leary and David Letterman:

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