Monday, June 13, 2011

Ereck Plancher trial begins

Ereck Plancher
((ht: orlando sentinel))

Lost in all the bloated, over-indulgent, idiotic press blathering about Casey Anthony in Orlando is a tragic story that we at OSG Sports have covered since it happened.

The death of Ereck Plancher.

Plancher was a 19-year old wide receiver at the University of Central Florida who died after a practice/workout in March of 2008. His autopsy revealed he had sickle cell trait that could help trigger "vascular distress", something the coroner said attributed to his death.

Plancher's parents filed a wrongful death suit against UCF saying the football staff didn't take proper care of their son. That suit is about to go to trial.

Jury selection starts today in Orlando and among those on the firing line here, most of the UCF Athletic Organization and football coach George O'Leary in particular. The trial is expected to begin this week and if UCF has a lot on the line.

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We'll try and keep you updated on the progress of this trial. Depending on the outcome, there could be a lot of repercussions. The family claims O'Leary and trainers withheld water and wouldn't help players struggling through practice in the brutal Orlando summer heat. The coaches and trainers say they did everything possible to help and had no idea about the "Sickle Cell" trait.

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