Monday, June 13, 2011

Miami Herald thinks the Heat won....

Ad in today's Miami Herald/Courtesy: Andy Slater
((ht: Darren Rovell/Andy Slater))

Haha! This is pretty funny. In a twit pic, a Miami Herald reader points out that the local paper printed Monday's paper a bit too early.

The reason  should be obvious in the photo on the right. The Herald was pimping Heat "NBA Champions" gear for sale at the local Macy's store.

We wonder how many papers they pulled back with that ad...if any. And we wonder how pissed off NBA Merchandising is over this. Yes, the shirts you see there were printed, of that we're sure. They do runs with both teams so the shirts and hats are ready as soon as the game ends.

However, the unused items are generally taken to an incinerator and burned. If those got out it would change the memorabilia business in a really, really bad way and the NBA along with the other pro-sports leagues definitely don't want that.

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