Sunday, June 5, 2011

OSU Fans show Jim Tressel his house

March for Tressel/Courtesy: Columbus Dispatch
 ((ht: columbus dispatch))

You could say they stormed the Tressel. Or conquered the vest...or something like that.

Anyway, apparently a couple hundred Ohio State fans banded together in Columbus on Saturday and marched to now former head football coach Jim Tressel's house to show their support.

Tressel turned in his resignation Monday after admitting he withheld NCAA infractions regarding his players from his bosses at the school.

The resulting investigation(s), have put Ohio State at the forefront of a couple of investigations from the college football authorities.

Tressel spent nearly an hour posing for pictures, shaking hands and signing autographs for those who marched.

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We applaud the fans for showing their love for their coach. But unfortunately, it won't undo what has been done. One fan said he's going to boycott the school until president E.Gordon Gee and AD Gene Smith are gone. That's just idiotic.

Appreciate Tressel for some of the good things he did, and he did a bunch up in Columbus. But he made a mistake, one that he had to pay for. Morally right or not, he broke the rules...and then lied about it and you can't do that. It's no different than you doing something against your company's rules, then lying about it to your boss who has documentation to prove that you broke the rules... and lied. Bottom line...PERIOD!

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