Sunday, June 5, 2011

Richard Childress takes a swing at Kyle Busch - Updated

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What is it about Kyle Busch that brings out the evil in people? He's already in trouble due to his issues with Carl Edwards and he hasn't exactly endeared himself to several other NASCAR drivers.

Now comes word that an owner took a swing at him Saturday night.

You heard me right. Richard Childress according to reports--and a couple of witnesses, came up to Busch after the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race Saturday afternoon in Kansas and took a swing at Busch...and put him in a headlock.

Read the entire story from the Observer, RIGHT HERE

This is kind of funny, but yet it's not. The incident apparently had something to do with Busch getting tangled up with Childress's driver, Joey Coulter on the last lap and after the race. Coulter apparently laughed it off, talking about how much he learned. However, Childress apparently wasn't amused.

According to reports, NASCAR has confirmed they are looking into the altercation

**Update/11:30am**--According to the Associated Press and ESPN, NASCAR has cleared Busch and won't be punishing him per Mike Helton of NASCAR. Helton said Busch "Did nothing to warrant the actions of Richard Childress".

NASCAR will allow Childress to stay and work Sunday's race in Kansas City and will address Saturday's issue on Monday.

Here's a compliation of reports from the 4-Letter that were posted on YouTube:

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