Monday, June 6, 2011

Plaxico Burress to Get Out of Jail Free today

Plaxico Burress
Two and a half years after he committed what may be considered the stupidest thing in the entire history of boneheaded, off-the-field sports moves by shooting himself in the leg, former New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress got out of a New York jail this morning.

Burress, who pleaded guilty to gun possession charge after shooting himself in the leg at a New York city nightclub in November of 2008, had been spending the past year and a half at the Oneida Correction Facility in Rome, New York.

And there has already been a buzz building about where the 34-year old receiver will play in 2011, if the NFL plays in 2011. The thing is, part of his release requires him to seek employment immediately. Right now, there is no employment in the NFL to seek.

We find it utterly fascinating that there is a "Countdown" clock in New York in that a phalanx of reporters from the New York area, along with ESPN all staked out the Correction facility for the "Extremely Brief" comment of him "Thanking God for getting him through one of the toughest times in my  life" from Burress.

While he was a good player, he certainly wasn't a "Game-changer" and not considered the "Elite" of the NFL. And yet he's being treated that way.

We think Burress, when the NFL returns, will get a shot with a team, who will overpay for him. He may have a productive year or two left, but time cannot possibly have been kind. Who knows, maybe he'll prove us wrong, but we don't think so.

The New York Daily News provides us a look at Plax's life behind bars:

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