Monday, June 6, 2011

Was Holgorsen story a plant by current coach Bill Stewart?

Bill Stewart

**Update**--WVU is now investigating this "incident" and has put the exit contract Bill Stewart on hold until it is resolved.

Hmmm. If it was, we may have been a bit of a victim to it as well. Though we did attribute the report to the reporters in question. A couple of the comments, if what we are now reading is true, we probably shouldn't have made.

You can read the original story RIGHT HERE

It appears that there may be a few "Issues" in West Virginia surfacing from its coaching tree. Last week, we mentioned a report from the Huntington, West Virginia Herald-Dispatch and later forwarded by the Wheeling News-Register, laying out an apparent sequence of events showing that "Coach-in-waiting" Dana Holgorsen has a history of getting tossed from Casino's and bars.

WVU and the Charleston Daily-Mail refute the report RIGHT HERE

Some question has arisen about the accuracy of said report. According to a couple of Blogs in West Virginia, the tip on the story may have come from Holgorsen's current boss Bill Stewart.


Read the story from the Smoking Musket RIGHT HERE

According to the Musket, Stewart has been less than thrilled with the whole hiring of Holgorsen to replace him in 2012 thing. Which, about that, we question the process, as laid out by AD Oliver Luck too.

The question though is why? Why would Stewart try and sabotage Holgorsen like that? Why would he sabotage the integrity of the program like that? Why would he release that info to a couple of selected reporters? And why, if it isn't true, did those reporters, report it?

All legitimate questions. Questions someone needs to answer. For their part. West Virginia has vigorously denied most of the accusations against their coach in waiting, calling the allegations "Blatant Lies."

This is beginning to sound like the script from a soap opera or movie, it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Here's Stewart after the Mountaineers Spring Game--thanks WVU:

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