Monday, December 6, 2010

Minnesota doesn't "Kill" with the hiring of Jerry Kill

Jerry Kill/Courtesy:
Though the Minnesota boosters and alumni are insane if they think they could have done better. The school announced on Sunday they have hired Jerry Kill, now formerly of Northern Illionis to be their next head coach. Oh by the way, Northern Illinois beat the Gophers 34-23 earlier this season.

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Kill, for his part has never had a losing season as a head coach. This years Northern Illinois squad, they are heading to Boise in a couple weeks, they are playing in the Humanitarian Bowl.

Strangely, the folks in Minneapolis think they could have done better. We laugh at that thought. Do they really believe that they are worthy of a "Top-Flight", major conference coach? Bwahahahaha!

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Come on guys, you're lucky to get a coach like Kill. You had no chance at Chris Peterson, Randy Edsall, Brady Hoke or any other "Big Name" coach out there. You are a bottom level Big 10/12 team. Moving from another "BCS" level school to Minnesota is a step down. Really. A big step down.

Enjoy your new coach. Hope that he "Kills" and gets you closer to respectability. Hope that if he does that and you finally get tired of him that maybe the next time...a "Big Name" coach will be interested in your job.

Kill gets to meet his adoring new fanbase today at 2pm.

1500ESPNTwinCities actually sent a camera to record Jerry's arrival:

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