Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sixers On The Market, Sale "Imminent..."

((HT: MyFoxPhilly))

A Comcast-Spectacor official has confirmed the company is in ongoing negotiations about the future of the Philadelphia 76ers. One report says a deal to sell is "imminent."

Peter A. Luukko, who is Comcast-Spectacor's president and COO as well as chairman of Global Spectrum, issued this statement Tuesday: "I can confirm that we are in discussions about the future of the team, but these discussions are confidential and we cannot talk about the details. At some point, we may have something more to say about these discussions, but we will not be making any comments at this point."

Looks Joshua Harris, a billionaire who co-founded Apollo Global Management, and his leveraged-buyoutness are the name on everyone's lips at the moment to be the man instead of Ed Snider.

Snider is more associated with the Flyers than the 76ers, and it's interesting to the HQ that this news is confirmed on the same day as the new five-ringed circus deal with the folks in Switzerland. Comcast-Spectacor was not known to be shopping the 76ers, but that's the beauty of big business...

It's a need-to-know bid-ness, and we didn't need to know until the deal was almost all the way done...

Comcast-Spectacor In 76ers Sale Talks: MyFoxPHILLY.com

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