Saturday, August 7, 2010

DEVELOPING: Hallelujah!!!! Albert Haynesworth Passes His Test!

Albert in happier times//Courtesy:

And there was much rejoicing! The Fat Albert watch is over. Yes, that's right. It's over.

Our hero apparently took his conditioning test early on Saturday morning. To the pleasure of at least a few, he passed. Yay!

The details from the Washington Post RIGHT HERE

We aren't sure at this point who is the most happy. Is it Daniel Snyder? Is it Mike Shanahan? Is it Albert's agent? Or maybe it's just Albert himself?

The fact that there was so much consternation over a very large...and highly paid football player who threatened to hold out from camp because he didn't like his teams defensive strategy, is kind of a bit sad and pathetic. From what we know about sports, players are rarely...if ever in the position of trying to dictate what the team will do. They don't pay players to decide what scheme fits them best. They pay players to play and do the right thing.

Time will tell if this works for our hero, we would be interested in seeing the Vegas odds of him making it through the season without getting hurt. But then again, we could be wrong.

ESPN's David Lloyd talked back to Jeannine Edwards who looked like she was at the redskins facility in Ashburn, Virginia...
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For the last time...enjoy our hero's theme song. Thanks YouTube:

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