Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Eric Berry is one reason there is hope for athletes....

Berry Autograph/ berry foundation
Despite the occasional snarkiness and reporting on the goofy, strange and often bad things that athletes do, we really, honestly would rather tell you about some of the good things that they do.

One of those, is about someone we have been familiar with ever since he lit up the metro Atlanta High School football scene, Eric Berry. To say that Eric gets what it means to be successful, would be an understatement.

We came across two entirely different stories this morning, talking about two different acts, both done by Berry which reinforces our thought and belief that he truly is one of the good guys.

The first, happened back in Atlanta. In late July, he got a bunch of people together and helped renovate the Fairburn, Georgia park that he grew up playing football in.

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Berry made these kids very happy/Courtesy:
I think the best quote in the story is at the very end...said Berry "I don't want to be someone like, 'He made it, but he didn't come back'". "I want them to see they can reach a goal...I don't want to just be from here, someone they see on TV and not in the community or the park".

The other story comes from Berry's NFL team, the Kansas City Chiefs. Berry was their 1st Round Draft pick and has already done some things that have made him standout in that community as well.

He did something for a couple of kids after a long day of practice that floored both the kids and a writer for the Arrowhead Pride sports blog.

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None of this surprises us. We've covered and interviewed Berry multiple times from when he was a standout at Creekside High to his days at the University of Tennessee. His family played a large part in bringing him up right and sure, he is enjoying the role that he is playing.

The important thing is recognizing that without others you can never be what you want to be. No, you don't need to do things because you need to be loved. You need to do good and nice things because it's who you are and because you enjoy doing it. Young Mr. Berry seems to recognize this and for that we...we say thank you.

Here is some video of young Mr. Berry in High School. Thanks CBSSports and YouTube:

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